1 , unity on another plane

1 the magician , magus , the alchemist.
Manifestation, new beginnings and opportunities. As above so below ~ connection between the spiritual realms and the material world. Converts energy into matter , excrement into gold , has all the tools to build a soul.
This card is the Ego, the impulse to create, the Self, materializing to tangible form through choices.
Magick is changing reality & consciousness / energy at will , "causing change to occur in conformity with will" ~ Thelema. Imagination (the Fool) + ego = will.
He is the vessel , conduit , magic wand. He reminds you to use the tools that are available to you, they're already inside of you. It's a reminder to trust , say yes and move forward , to be magickal. Realize your desires , take power into your own hands , become masterful.
Shadow side: smoke and mirrors / tricks , manipulation , pretending to have more power than you do, snake oil, too good to be true , selfishness to the detriment of others, indecisiveness , taking advantage (of power).
The Magician has no moral compass , he is working in service of his own desires , teaching you to assert your will and define your skill set. Say what you want in one sentence , clearly set your intention. You can make this happen. Be resourceful and use your limitations to your advantage.

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