10/20--10/26 elemental collective reading

Week ahead 🌒 10/20-10/26 🌔  read for your sun/rising if you desire!
EARTH ~ Eight of Pentacles & Mount Meru: Center of the Universe. Eight of Pentacles represents a time when you are working hard at your craft, becoming skillful and determined. You’re seeking further education in specific realms of expertise. This paired with Mount Meru oracle , a place of great power , represents a strongly centered sense of identity. What you are working towards is becoming , or is already, tied strongly to who you are. You are climbing up the holy mountain , the peak a reward coming from truly working on yourself. Your will is strong, keep going! Eight of Pentacles is coupled with ginger ~ work with ginger this week in tea, tincture or grated onto food to aid in stimulating digestion , keeping you in flow and energized. Ginger helps to focus intent , aiding in concentration and courage.
WATER ~ Two of Pentacles & Maya: How She Spins. Two of Pentacles represents time management and balancing your priorities. Letting go of things you no longer need in order to achieve balance. A reminder to be patient and flexible. When you recognize that the wheel of time (Maya’s spinning wheel) keeps spinning , your balance will shift and you’ll always be both succeeding and struggling in various areas of your life. Nothing is ever going to be perfectly harmonious. Realizing this helps you to transform your own destiny , instead of feeling like it’s all out of your hands. Two of Pentacles pairs with yellow dock ~ work with yellow dock this week in liver tonics and tea , cleansing you of toxins and stimulating your lymphatic system. Super helpful for fatigue or depletion of iron , allowing you to feel fresh and able to think on your toes. Yellow dock helps to clear blockages and release emotions that are tying you down.
FIRE ~ Six of Wands & Wheel of Great Time. Six of Wands represents personal achievements and the recognition that comes with it. You’ve hit a goal and are feeling successful, as you should! Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t let fear get in your way of sharing your successes. Wheel of Great Time oracle reminds us that though you’re celebrating a milestone , there’s more challenges to be had , you’re not at the end of your path yet. With one cycle ending, another begins! Hawthorn is the herb of Six of Wands , a heart tonic. Use this week to give you a loving boost of protection and hope. Be open to receiving love and support!
AIR ~ Three of Swords shadow & Soma. Three of Swords shadow shows us that your inner talk needs to be shifted. Perhaps you’re being overly critical of yourself or you’re having a lot of negative thoughts. A way to examine those thoughts is to ask if you’d talk to your best friend that way. Probably not! It can be easy to be hard on yourself when you’re used to that belief , but this week try and shift your thoughts in a more positive direction. Speak kindly and sweetly to yourself. With mercury in retrograde, you may notice yourself being more sensitive to others words as well. Examine why you’re so hurt, maybe there’s some truth to what they said , or another trigger they’re pressing for you. Lots of self reflection this week! Soma oracle suggests that as well, being the oracle connected to the Moon. A call to connect to your intuition and imagination. Dream journaling could also do you well. Pleurisy root is the herb connected to Three of Swords, yet I wouldn’t recommend pleurisy root for casual use as it’s emetic (vomit inducing) in larger doses and is to be used for nasal congestion and supporting respiratory health as an expectorant. I would suggest instead working with magic mushrooms whether they be of the psychedelic variety , or the medicinal to connect to your inner self and psyche.

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