11/10--11/16 elemental collective reading

THE WEEK AHEAD 🌖11/10–11/16🌕 elemental collective readings 〰️ a glimpse into the energies as we step towards the 11/11/2020 portal that leads us to the dark moon. The cards pulled tap into the scorpion’s transformative power and the shadow aspects of a new moon. Let’s dive in . : .🌀🌊🌀. : .
Art by @hheininge , cards are the Herbal Tarot and Tantric Dakini Oracle.
EARTH ~ The Lovers shadow & Way Through. The Lovers is a card of yin and yang united , inner knowing and fiery passion. It’s shadow side points to an imbalance of these two aspects within yourself. You may notice as the new moon draws near what that imbalance looks like for you, whether your intuition needs to be listened to or perhaps you need your inner flame to be reignited. You must be both the listener & receiver , and then outwardly express your creativity. This also can be a time where you’re moving on from a relationship or partnership that isn’t working anymore. There may be a difficult decision afoot. The Way Through 🗝 oracle suggests that you’re completing one cycle and beginning another ~ relating to the new moon. With the Lovers shadow easing you towards more self love & knowing , you will become aware that the cosmic key lies within yourself. And that key can unlock portals you need to pass through. There will be a resolution to the problems you’re having , whether they’re internal conflicts or within a relationship , if you look within and turn the key. Parsley helps to dissolve barriers between your yin and yang aspects , allowing them to flow out of you and for you to become fluid. You can take parsley essence this week , or add some to meals or tea for aid in digestion and assimilation.
AIR ~ The Sun shadow & Phoenix. What I loved about this pull was the Phoenix oracle is also the number XIX (19) , representing The Sun major arcana. Lots of duality and doubles coming up during this reading , perhaps influenced by tomorrow’s 11/11 portal. The Sun shadow represents a time of exploration of your inner child. Allowing yourself to play, to be optimistic, to be free. Examining past traumas, fears and illusions. Old beliefs and ways of thinking. And allowing the Phoenix to burn them up with an alchemical fire of transformation. Mercury in retrograde may have brought up things from the past you have hidden away , but now is the time to truly move on with scorpion magick. A rebirth , the rays of sun re-emerging after the dark moon. Liberation of the spirit previously imprisoned in the past. Angelica is an herb that brings good energy and fortune , you can burn it in a fire safe dish or wear it in a pouch for protection or take the essence to connect to spirit.
WATER ~ Judgment shadow & As Above / So Below. Judgment is ruled by Pluto , the ruler of Scorpio ~ the watery season we’re in and whose dark moon rises this weekend. A full awakening of the inner self , unless . . . you don’t heed the call. Judgment shadow represents a time when you’re ignoring the calls from the universe for a big change or opportunity that’s awaiting you. You may be fearful of change or the unknown , or your inner voice is criticizing you and speaking whispers of failure or doubt. You’re going to have to trust in the universe and your natural psychic intuition, water signs! Don’t listen to the voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough. As Above / So Below oracle can also represent this connection of the universe and the material realm. The mirror of the cosmic heavens and earth. You are the bridge between them. Goldenseal taken as an essence or used in aromatherapy as an essential oil can help us clear old ways and make way for the new. This ally has the ability to bring clarity as to what our purpose is and helps to confront the fears we may have in expressing and living our inner truth.
FIRE ~ Two of Cups & Transformation. Snake magick and sacred union afoot! Two of Cups is a flow of love between you and others , deep connections and partnerships. This may be romantically, in business or beginning a closer relationship with a friend. There is a natural balance and exchange between you. With Transformation as the oracle , there is alchemy in balance as well. This new or blossoming relationship will light fires of spiritual awakening / renewal and fulfillment. Uva ursi essence nurtures the vessel of creativity , the deep, dark void from which all life flows. It helps us to access the healing and creative powers of the deeper resources within. A powerful essence to awaken the serpent’s power. I wouldn’t recommend taking the physical herb unless you need it for a urinary tract infection.

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