Aquarian full moon

Full moon in Aquarius 🌕🏺💧 alchemy of liberation. Water bearer pouring from their inner well to the communal pool. Acts of mutual aid, shared resources, freedom. Tower times ~~~ Uranus whispering spells of unhealthy & corrupt societal and interpersonal structures collapsing. Rebellion & revolution swirl in the cosmos ➰🌀➰
This energy also touches on our personal lives. Where do you feel unfulfilled in your life? Who do you surround yourself with? Do they uplift you , inspire you? Are they unapologetically themselves? Are you? This moon calls you to let go of what is not real, what is not your own, what is restrictive and limiting. Old habits, ways of thinking and relationships that no longer serve you.
This moon reaches ripeness after Lughnasadh celebrations of harvest and abundance 🌾 reminding us that growth and change are ever present. Metamorphosis, evolution, moon cycles, plants transforming from seed to stem. Embrace cosmic shifts in your life, follow new paths and leave behind old beliefs that keep leading you in circles.
I’ll be doing a collective reading tonight under this full moon that I’ll probably end up posting tomorrow 🖤 will also be straining out my Alchemist’s Water magick botanical toner ⚗️ and crafting a few potions & oils/salves for autumn. Full moon blessings!

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