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As the moon wanes . . .

Happy Tuesday , the waning crescent moon has risen. The end of a cycle before the moon grows dark and rebirths. As this week progresses, the moon is less + less illuminated and the new moon rises next Tuesday. I’ve pulled some cards for the collective ~ what will be in focus , what energy we’re leaning into and letting in. Take what you need and leave the rest. Let’s dive in ..::..🌊..::..
The Ace of Cups ~ the root of the powers of water ~ comes up for us when we’re at the beginning of a new endeavor or project. There’s an abundance of emotion and intuition , free flowing from within you. Be receptive to and embrace new creative energies and ideas! New love ~ romantic, platonic, a new hobby e t c. Ruled by both the Moon and Mars , perhaps representative of the new moon next Tuesday , the day ruled by Mars. Metamorphosis afoot! 🌑
Accompanying this abundant cosmic chalice is the 10 of Cups ~ the completion of the cycle the Ace begins , the 3 of Wands ~ the positive power of creative energy , and Page of Swords ~ the winds of change. These energies are surrounding the new beginning that is being sent your way. There’s a call to let your intuition guide you , aligning you with your truest Self. You may be coerced out of your comfort zone in order to complete this project , yet with that leap comes exploration of your i n n e r realms and emotional growth. Don’t let that stop you! New ways of thinking or a change in perspective emerge under the guidance of this airy Page. Don’t be afraid to dive into new ways of expressing yourself as you reach out to the Ace of Cups ☁️🍷☁️ be open to change. Know that the seeds you’re planting now will blossom into deep unconditional love , stability , emotional fulfillment. There will be a sense of wholeness and a period of grounded comfort before you begin a new cycle. The great wheel spins and spins . . . 🌀 

Oracle of Chickweed comes to us when we need to be nourished , especially when we’re struggling to stay on our path. If you’re feeling stuck in the past, bogged down in hurt and resentment , allow Chickweed in. Pluto recently went retrograde which definitely can bring up grief, old wounds and thorns in your side. You can’t change the past , but you can acknowledge it, heal from it and you can move through the void into the present ~ the only realm where change occurs. Chickweed reminds us to surround ourselves with those who support us and make us feel seen, heard and valued. Make sure there is mutual love and trust residing in the hearts of those who you take through this portal. Enjoy the rest of your week! May your cup runneth over 🍷🌊〰️➰〰️

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