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Beltane spirit messages

Fertility . . . 🐍 transmutation . . . 🌀 shedding skin. . . How are we feeling? Belated Beltane! Happy May! 🔥🌼🌷🌸💐🔥
Some spirit messages that came thru yesterday . . . There’s a feeling of dampness in the air , nostalgia clinging like dew to the flowers of our hearts. What are you holding back? Change can only happen in the present , yet so many of us are living in the past. Shying away from the transformation at hand. There are new realms to explore , new ideas to be had! If you’re at the precipice of a cliff , jump. Take the fool’s hand. There’s evolution on the horizon. . .
A hand reaches out from the clouds to offer you a sword. The blade is double edged , gifting you the power to both create and destroy. As you stretch for the potential that rests within , your cosmic skin sheds like a snake. Deep healing , new growth. Though this movement may not be seen, it is felt. You will both lose and find your way. But keep following your inner direction with faith and determination. Wield your sword through the clouds to clear your vision , cutting old cords in its wake. As you release what is no longer serving you , room is made for the sunlight to shine in and evaporate the dew on your heart’s petals. May your heart be as light as a feather.

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