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Blossoming moon messages

Blessed new moon in Taurus! 🌹🌑♉️ this fertile new moon invites us to delve in our senses. Venus is the amulet of the body , ruler of this sensual bull. What new visions are being brought forth? What pleasurable practices are you beginning? How can you be present in this pleasure , and in your power? Utilize Venusian herbs like rose and damiana in your new moon rituals ~ sink into your body , into beauty, into fertility. I’ve pulled some cards for you , to tap into what is beginning to bloom and blossom for you 🌱🌿🌷take what you need + leave the rest behind. Everyone got a Sword or two , this moon’s energy is very d e e p and coming through in our thoughts and ideas. Let’s dive in ..::..

WATER ~ Three of Swords , King of Swords. Oracle of Forgive. After heartbreak, hurt, resentment . . . comes peace. You are moving on , able to see the light at the end of the tunnel with clarity. Able to forgive yourself , to forgive others. Welcome this in! The King provides us with the tools, the strength , to pull those swords from your heart so you can heal. Ceasing the emotional spiral your heart has spun in your mind. There’s a detachment you may need to bestow upon yourself in order to get down to the truth , to use logic and your intuition instead of listening to your bruised and battered heart. When we’re in pain , we can make decisions and act in a way that hurts others. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re lashing out , and we can also continually hurt ourselves in the process too. How many swords have you wielded that end up piercing your own heart? Take a step back and reflect on your behavior — but instead of beating yourself up over it , recognize the pattern and forgive yourself. Give yourself luuuuv!!! Tend to your wounds , lick them clean. And in that same moment , forgive those who have hurt you or who you’ve held a grudge against for t o o long. Let this new moon wash you clean 🌊🔥🌊

EARTH ~ The Hanged One , Three of Swords shadow. Oracle of Truth. How are you speaking to yourself day to day? Are you being kind to yourself , or do you criticize and tell yourself you’re not good enough? 

Three of Swords shadow points to swords that are placed in your heart by your own damaging thoughts. It unfortunately can be too easy to fall into the habit of negative self talk , or spiraling thoughts about what others think of you. Overthinking texts, how someone looked at you or how you believe a conversation went. Thinking about it all night or for days at a time , beating yourself up over something someone else may not even remember! Or maybe someone is being cruel to you and you are taking it to heart. Believing the mean things they’re saying and wallowing in it. It’s time to change your perspective. See the t r u t h , and listen to its wisdom. You won’t find it looking through your filtered lens. Begin to shift your thoughts from self criticizing to self loving. If you notice you’re wallowing , change the behavior by recognizing why you begin to spiral in the first place. Cancel that hangout with your mean friend who belittles your every move and maybe hit up a friend who is supportive and kind to you instead. Noticing you’re spending time scrolling social media and comparing yourself to others? Let’s try a internet detox or use self timer for how much time you spend on here. The Hanged One can invite pauses in your routines / projects , and shifts in how we move through the world. Utilize this change in perspective to see your truth from a new point of view.

AIR ~ Seven of Cups , Page of Swords shadow. Oracle of Freedom. There’s so many opportunities for you to choose from , all laid out in overflowing cups. But are you going to choose one , or daydream about it without action? Both of the Seven of Cups and Page of Swords shadow tackle inactivity towards your dreams and goals. Cautioning you that all talk (or dreaming) and no walk keeps you stationary on your path. Wishing will get you nowhere. Oracle of Freedom calls out to you. What makes you feel free , what allows you freedom? Drink from that cup. Allow your intuition to guide you away from the illusions and grandiose. What works in someone else’s life may not work in yours , and vice versa. And some ideas never leave the clouds. Ground yourself in reality and make a choice! You will feel freedom in releasing those other cups , and in moving on towards a tangible goal. Your dreams can be realized if you take the actions needed to bring them into the material realm. And how freeing is it to untether them from the clouds? ☁️

FIRE ~ Four of Wands shadow , Queen of Swords shadow. Oracle of Self Care. These shadows may point to instability and disharmony in personal relationships and security. Clouding your vision. Making you more concerned or involved in others drama than you really want to be. Making it hard for you to make decisions and think for yourself. Utilize the Queen’s mental clarity and ability to discern truth , establishing strong boundaries. And with clear boundaries come self care. Boundaries a r e self care! Release yourself from the tension around you and care for yourself. Take a step back. Where can you establish boundaries in your life? Who needs to hear them?

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