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Calling upon the Sphinx

2019 is almost at a close , opening the door to 2020 💎 crystal vision. Before we step through , we must pass through eclipse season. Eclipses shake things up for us , waking us up to what needs to change. This is powerful energy before 2020 begins , clearing blockages and allowing us to see truth. Things may change and you may feel like it’s out of your control , but whatever is shifting or shedding has been out of alignment for a long time. Before the new moon solar eclipse next week on Dec 26 , get clear about what you are calling & manifesting into your life ~ as well as blockages. Pay attention to synchronicities, insights, repeating numbers 〰️〰️〰️ surrender to the universe and recognize its messages.
2019 is a 12 / 3 year , calling forth the energy of the Hanged One and the Empress. The Hanged One supports us in completing cycles. As he hangs , he appears like a chrysalis 🦋 transmuting as we shed what no longer serves us 🐍 snake magick was powerful this year. Releasing and letting go of old behaviors, thought patterns and toxic energies was a common theme in many peoples lives , and as a collective. At the same time , the Empress was allowing us to bloom and bring in love to our lives. Reminding us that new, glistening scales will grow where the old was shed. This was a year of immense growth to prepare us for 2020.
In 2020 , no longer rely on fear to make decisions ~ define your boundaries & limitations. It’s a 4 year , representing the Self rooted in firm foundations. 4 is balance, stability ~ the four elements , the four directions , the four suits of tarot. 4 is a square , representing the Magician’s tools we have within us. This is a fresh beginning , encouraging you to start anew & trust in your abilities. Create & control the life you desire with the Emperor’s divine masculine energy 〰️

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