Cancer lunar eclipse spread

Cancer lunar eclipse spread 🌕🐚🌊 in the present moment , you are represented by the Ace of Cups. Pure water before it sways. You are enveloped by this full moon , where Cancer is calmly treading water in its lunar home. Offering you love and support , reaching out to give you this overflowing & abundant chalice. Intuition and emotion are flowing through you with the crab’s guidance. This is a sign of divine love , an awakening. Your subconscious is emerging from the depths to bring you conscious awareness.
The 9 of Pentacles ~ shadow represents what must be left behind. Feelings of low self worth & imposter syndrome need to be released into the fire. This is a calling for self care and indulgence. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Allow time for yourself to rest and know that you are worth it. You’re worthy of the love and nurturing that you give others.
The 10 of Cups ~ shadow represents the unconscious material being illuminated by the eclipse. This is a card of love and stability. The shadow aspect asks you to realign your values and rebuild or leave behind unhealthy relationships. What does a loving relationship mean to you? Cultivate that within yourself and then bring that energy into your relationships with others.
Utilize the 2 of Swords ~ shadow to work with the eclipse energy. If you’re being faced with a difficult decision , trust your intuition. Put on your blindfold and ignore the outside world. Look deep into yourself. In the wise words of Mary Evans , “Without the rest of the world looking upon you, what is it that you truly desire?”
The eclipse has opened a portal of giving & receiving , the 6 of Pentacles. Generosity is flowing to and from you. Donate your money, donate your time. Be open to receive abundance, love, wisdom!
The Knight of Swords ~ shadow shows you your potential for transformation. This knight is the air of air , a messenger bringing ideas and shifting your perspective. As many of the cards of this spread, the shadow ~ reversed aspect asks you to dive deep into the well of your Self. Lunar energy! Go it alone , find your sense of independence and freedom. Work on your mental discipline. Slow down, ground yourself and take a step back. You’ll accomplish great things when you focus on a singular task instead of trying to do it all. And you’ll be less likely to burn out.

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