Chiron Rx in Aries

Chiron Rx in Aries 🔥☄️🔥 wounded healer ~ mythic centaur asteroid allowing for evolution and transformation. Inner work , heart healing. Chiron was a centaur ~ half man and half horse. A portal in physical form , the threshold between intellect ~ consciousness and nature ~ intuition ~ primal knowing. Though he had vast wisdom and could heal others , he could not heal himself. This retrograde, which will last until December, work on loving all parts of yourself ((shadow work)) including those parts of yourself that you hide away or are ashamed of. Perform cord cutting rituals to release those feelings and emotions that no longer serve you and hold you back from personal healing. Chiron in Aries deals with where you feel rejection, anger, where you falter in your identity ~ standing up for yourself. Where you stifle your flame and quell your desires. Allow fiery Aries to help you assert yourself. To love yourself and in turn love others. To empower yourself and in turn empower others. To take your power back from those who try to strip it from you. Collective healing will not be possible if we do not begin to heal ourselves. Inner change for collective change. Reconnecting to ourselves in order to connect with others ➰🌀➰

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