Cold Gemini moon

Full moon in Gemini spread 🌕〰️🌕 pulled the Lovers, High Priestess and Magician , ruled by Gemini , the Moon and Mercury. The Lovers ~ solve et coagula , dissolve and coagulate. Something must be broken down before it can be built up. Dissolve the body and build up the spirit , it is necessary to preserve the equilibrium of the universe. This card shows that the ultimate reason of things lies in a realm beyond manifestation and intellect. The Lovers are resolution of duality , a mirror , divine masculine ~ divine feminine , sun ~ moon , fire ~ water , air ~ earth. A balanced blend of intellect and emotion , divine love. High Priestess , the wise moon maiden , guards the doorway through to occult knowledge , keeper of mystery. Another mirror ~ to your inner Self , the ego that sees itself outside itself. She chooses to go to the underworld and come back into the light. An invitation to live magically, sit in discomfort and be comfortable in the void. The Magician, ruled by Mercury, represents manifestation and new beginnings. He has all the tools to build a soul and converts energy into matter. After meditating on these cards , I pulled the next five.
The deepest gift of the moon is the King of Cups shadow , fire of water. He is the swift, passionate attack of rain and springs , the most active aspect of water. Harmony as an attribute of wisdom. Gain a stronger sense of control over your emotions so feelings don’t steer you. Work on boundaries. The shadow aspect is focused on innermost feelings and how they affect you. Spend time with this energy as we move towards 2020.
The 8 of Wands is ruled by both Sagittarius and Mercury. Shadow aspect warns you to stop rushing into things. Embrace slowing down before charging ahead with an idea or goal. You’ll never accomplish anything if you keep starting new projects without finishing others. Tie up loose ends!
6 of Swords is also ruled by Mercury , and Aquarius. Shadow aspect is representative of a personal ~ spiritual transition , celestial energy , a rite of passage. Reclaim your personal power , push out of your comfort zone so you can evolve as a person. 
Leave behind relationships, beliefs or patterns that are no longer serving you. Move on from the past and resolve unfinished business in order to move forward.
3 of Pentacles is ruled by Capricorn and Mars. It’s constructive energy , a pyramid viewed from above the apex. Shadow aspect points to a lack of harmony within a team that’s making it hard to complete a goal or project. What team? Perhaps your group of friends, coworkers, family or your romantic partner. This is showing you to work on boundaries , a common theme of this reading. Release these aspects of your life that make you feel undervalued and under-appreciated. And don’t feel like you need to show or share everything you’re doing , you can get certain jobs done alone and without others input.
Lastly, 8 of Pentacles , ruled by Virgo and the Sun. This card is intelligence lovingly applied to material matters. The pentacles are like flowers ~ fruits of a great tree, its solid roots in fertile land. The moon is asking you to open up to this energy. Here is a calling to master a skill , of focus and dedication and commitment to making changes 〰️〰️〰️

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