Collective reading for the full moon in Aquarius

Monday night’s full moon in Aquarius was a powerful one ✨🌕✨ here is a collective reading using @gabyherstik tarot spread ~~~ First image is by @fon_something 🌀 the cards expand on my musings I wrote Monday. These ring true in the energies lingering from the moon rays.
What is this full moon illuminating? The Universe ~ World. Collective cosmic consciousness. Synthesis, integration. True liberation and freedom. Shedding of what is not real in order to see , and live , the truth. Witness the cycles of life, death and rebirth all around us ~ watch the dance of swirling cosmos and see how it is a mirror to your Self. Completion and new beginnings are never ending portals which we will continue to walk through.
How can we embrace eccentricities as a path of self expression and embodiment? The Fool. Cosmic joker. What a sweet card for this question, the Fool is ruled by Uranus , which is the planet that rules Aquarius. The beginning and the end, woven throughout and ever present. The Fool is an infinite portal, bringing us into the beyond. Genderless, formless ~ activator and instigator. Pure unfiltered potential. The Fool welcomes expression and experimentation. Forge your own paths, without fear or hesitation. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and don’t fear the weird or different. Allow yourself the freedom to express your Self! Embody the free spirit of the Fool and let your inner child to come forth from the shadows.
What is the expansive, otherworldly vision to hold for ourselves? 9 of Wands ~ Strength. Nine is a culmination, a ripening of what has proceeded. This card represents a last test of strength before reaching your goal. A call to keep pushing for liberation and equality. Keep striving towards your goals, and the goals of the collective. Keep moving forward, don’t give up! Utilize boundaries to stop from burning out and keep energy in your reserves for when you decide to use it. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, but don’t allow yourself get away with the bare minimum. You are stronger and more resilient than you give yourself credit for. I believe in you.
How can we release fear from this? 10 of Wands. Know that though the work seems hard now, and life may be kicking your ass ~ it’s only so that you may achieve your goal and see the fruits of your labor in beautiful blooms & ripeness. This is the completion that 9 of Wands is working towards.
What can help inspire us in claiming this vision? Prince ~ Knight of Cups. Air of water. A knight rides with eyes closed through a sea of clouds. A message from the heart, an invitation to make dreams reality. Utilize your creativity, your imagination, your intuition. What do you feel called to do? Explore your passions and allow your heart to guide you slowly and surely towards completing your goals. If you are inactive with your dreams, they will stay just that ~ a dream.
The unseen theme or hidden message? 4 of Swords. A call to rest, meditate, recharge your energy to heal your body & mind. Take a step back to regain perspective. Perhaps this is a time for you to be in solitude in order to reassess your priorities before you make any decisions moving forward. Many of us are in limbo , so this is a good time to sit with your thoughts and anything else coming up for you. Connect to your Self and take the time you need before you burn yourself out with overworking or worry. Follow the slow rhythm of the Knight walking through your dreamscapes and you will exit the clouds bearing fruit ⚱️🍇☁️

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