Crab moon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 🌕🌊 the first full moon of 2020. This powerful portal is in deep, watery Cancer , ruled by the moon. The crab is right at home , healing and nurturing. Lots of insight and deep introspection! Eclipses bring transformation and great change. Allow yourself to be fluid in your responses to what is being pulled to the surface. Lunar eclipses are not really a time of manifestation , but of exploring your shadow side as the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth , and releasing past traumas & stagnant energy. Letting go of what no longer serves you 🐍 a wonderful way to begin the new year and decade! Cancer is a gentle & maternal sign , relating to our inner child & home , so childhood traumas & the need to re-parent or mother yourself may come up for you to as we swim through this portal. Embrace the emotions that you’re feeling , allow them to exist ~ address your inner child with support and kindness. Nurture your nervous system this weekend and give yourself time to rest and reflect 〰️〰️〰️

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