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Cracking open the cosmic egg

We are on the threshold of Libra season ~ autumnal equinox ~ Mabon , and we’re called to balance the energies that have been cultivating over the last few months. To go inward to our shadow selves , as the dark begins its reign of the wheel. I’ve pulled some cards for a look at your week ahead as we cross the portal into the shadow realm 🌗🕳🌓 These are collective readings for the zodiac signs under each element. Check your sun & rising! And perhaps use the oracle pulls as a mantra to say to yourself each morning for the rest of the week 🦋
Decks used are Aquarian Tarot and @amentioracle
EARTH ~ 3 of Cups shadow & I Honor Virtue. When 3 of Cups is in its shadow, usually we’re either taking some time for ourselves away from others or we’re overdoing it with our socializing, usually to our detriment. This is a call for balance. Sometimes we feel excluded and then further isolate ourselves , and other times we’re part of a very close friendship or group that does everything together and you have no time for yourself. Temperance is one of the four cardinal virtues ⚖️ , as well as prudence, courage and justice. Allow temperance to help you balance your social life so that you can take a break when you’re burnt out, or find friends who want to connect with you when you’re feeling alone. These other virtues come into play when you’re practical, free of fear and try to do the right thing. Use discretion about who’s in your close friend group , feel free to do your own thing without others input and be empathetic to your friends who are experiencing these feelings as well.
AIR ~ 5 of Swords shadow & I Invoke Laughter. 5 of Swords shadow is telling you to drop your swords, forgive and forget. There’s no winners in this fight. Sometimes these conflicts follow you, but this is a lesson in boundaries and letting go. Some friendships, relationships and situations in life are not meant to last. Now that you’re ready to move on, it’s time for some laughs! Invoke the sacred clown! Take time away from overanalyzing and overthinking. This is also good medicine for when old wounds have reopened and you’re fearful of being hurt again. Be soft with your inner child and bring them out to play. Stop taking life so seriously, especially if you’re continually creating, or involved in, conflict.
WATER ~ 8 of Pentacles & I Achieve with Integrity. The 8 of Pentacles immediately leaped out of the deck! Safe to say you’re thinking of work, work, work, Water signs. 8 of Pentacles is a card of mastery and diligence. You’re working away at your craft, honing your skills and creating success with your hard work. You’re making changes to improve your life and this includes your inner self as well. Yet, these achievements are only worthwhile if you are being yourself, and being true to yourself. Following others paths (or just straight up copying others..) may be easier than taking the long road (your path) — but you’re not achieving with integrity. This is also applicable when you’re not embodying your truth and working/creating/doing things to please others. If either of these apply to you, maybe this is the time to pull out your ((moral)) compass, find where you lost yourself and get yourself back on track.
FIRE ~ The Sun & I Benefit with Gratitude. The Sun also leaped out after one shuffle, it made me laugh because I pulled the Sun shadow for you with a different deck a few days ago! Holding onto the sun during this equinox I see. The light, positivity, vibrance. May you truly soak in the last rays of summer! The Sun shows you success, abundance and happiness are all there for you to achieve. When you are gracious and hold onto gratitude even when things aren’t working out or you feel like a victim, you can break the cycle of worrying about the future and living in the past. You can truly be present, and in the present are where those Sun attributes live ~ joy, fun, vitality. If you’re having a hard time with gratitude, tap into why you feel ungrateful or entitled. Ask yourself why, how and what. Why are you unable to feel gratitude? How did you get here? What will you do daily to bring gratitude into your life?

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