Dreams into reality

New Moon in Pisces & using the tarot to help you take action around your dreams ☁️🌩☁️we begin with the Empress , fertility queen , an open rose 🌹who has been pollinated. Ruled by Venus , she is love, creation, pleasure, wildness. Boundless nature , a creative force. This moon is asking you to embody the Empress , become a honey pot ~ draw things toward you 🍯〰️〰️3 is a number of magick, creation, birth. Maiden, mother, crone ~~~ creation, preservation, dissolution. Empress represents all stages of life , she is regenerative life , the rebirth of spring after the dormant winter. She calls you to create! Indulge in self-care, devote yourself to love, enjoy life. Go into nature. Collaborate , share your ripe fruits 🍇  with this, we also embody the Crone & look within for wisdom. The Hermit shelters a lantern in the folds of their cloak, protecting their inner divine spark from the coldness of isolation. The light of this lantern does not illuminate our path but shines back into ourselves , for the path lies within. This is a time to gather new ideas, ways of thinking and skills to help you achieve your dreams. You are the cosmic key, a seeker in search of truth. This doesn’t call for complete isolation, but to tend to your own flame and be sovereign unto yourself. Trust your Self and your inner knowledge to guide you as you actualize your dreams.

The Knight of Pentacles will show you that your dreams are coming to fruition. You’re focused, determined and achieving goals. You have direct aim , like a skilled archer you’re hitting bullseye after bullseye 🎯you’re willing to do the work to make your dreams come true , even if it’s mundane & repetitive. That air of earth energy , steady and reliable , will keep you on track. To strengthen your determination & focus at actualizing your dreams , the 6 of Swords urges you to let go of what isn’t serving you. Reflect on the baggage ~ swords you’re carrying with you as you move through this portal to the other side ⚔️memories, relationships, habits, thought patterns, beliefs ⚔️~~~ take what you need and leave the rest behind. This state of transition is essential for growth and transformation , moving you towards who you want to be 🦋

Letting go isn’t easy, and the 2 of Swords’ indecision may hinder you. It’s hard to move beyond situations you’ve created , but ignoring or avoiding making choices will only cause you to be stuck in a stalemate , never moving forward in your goals. Use your blindfold to your advantage, block out what others are saying or doing, and pick YOUR desired path at the crossroads.

When these crossroads & difficult decisions come up , call upon The Lovers for guidance. Get clear about your values and beliefs , and you’ll find you have no fear. The Lovers are all about trust, love, honesty ~ trust yourself, love yourself and be honest with yourself when it comes to your dreams. When you’re authentic and genuine, it becomes easier to make choices because you have your own best interest in mind , not other peoples.

By committing to your dreams, and seeing them actualize in the material realm, you will become the Ace of Cups 🍷💦a vessel of love, overflowing and spilling out the sides. Receptive to creative opportunities, deep connections and spiritual ~ emotional fulfillment. You’ll become comfortable with who you are , letting your imagination flow freely 〰️sharing this love, compassion & creativity with others. You will birth new ideas, and new dreams 🌱☁️knowing that you can accomplish them with your inner wisdom, perseverance and 💘trust💘in your Self.

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