Elemental collective readings for New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo 🌑🌿🕊 swipe through for your new moon cards. Check your sun & rising elements! These are collective readings, so it may resonate with some of you, and not for others.
This earthy dark moon brings us into our gut ~ igniting our intuition. Crone energy ~ tapping into inner wisdom and ancestral knowledge. Renewal is upon us.
EARTH SIGNS 〰️ Page of Pentacles shadow & Island of Jewels. Realization of aspirations achieved through the opening of your inner eye. Maintain faith in yourself , especially when doubt is looming or you’re procrastinating on projects. Allow yourself to be inspired. Meditate on the limitless possibilities you can achieve. Trust in the process. Give yourself space to refocus & recommit to your dreams.
FIRE SIGNS 〰️ The Sun shadow & The Last Laugh / The Future. A call to your inner child. When’s the last time you let yourself have fun? Let go of worry? Stopped taking futile / unimportant things so seriously? The great cosmic joke is that of recurring life & death, recognizing that existence is a cycle. Spirit outlives the body. Free yourself from the material attachments you cling to and turn to humor when you find yourself taking life too seriously.
AIR SIGNS 〰️ Five of Cups & Horseplay. Both of these cards relate to Water. You’re in need of a change of perspective, relating to your heart, emotions and psychic forces. You need to move on from the past and forgive in order to enter another reality. Allow fantasy to be a wave of inspiration. This dark moon is a portal to your imagination , a liberation of your heart. New opportunities are afoot if you can shift your mindset.
WATER SIGNS 〰️ Four of Wands shadow & A-Musement. Both of these cards relate to Fire. The promise of pleasure and fulfillment. This moon is bringing you a greater sense of balance within yourself. If you are struggling with self-acceptance, this is a good time to begin new daily mantras and self care rituals. With this shadow of balance ((4)), your sense of stability and security may be shaky. A cosmic upheaval , massive changes. But this transformation is necessary, though it may knock you out of balance for a bit. Know you will bear fruit from this 🍇

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