Elemental retrograde

Mercury retrograde focus for each element :
Fire 🔥 create space for yourself , and cherish that time alone. Realign with your beliefs. Rest, rest, rest & meditate. Keeping a dream journal will help you hold a mirror up to the void.
Earth 🌾 explore your relationships utilizing Scorpio energy. This season will pull up deep, transformative truths that may not be easy to swallow.
Air ~ career, finance & work habits are under review for you. Move towards your goals with patience and don’t overextend your energy. Nurture your boundaries.
Water 💧 this retrograde will deal with a lot of self exploration. How you present yourself to the world, how you utilize your creative energy, what your deepest beliefs & values are . . . this season will be very transformative if you allow it to be. Things will be shaken up!
Artwork by @serpentfire 🐍

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