Enter the gentle bull

Taurus season 🐂🐚🍇 ruled by Venus , this sensual sign activates our feminine yin energies , relating to the Empress card in the tarot. The Empress is spirit manifested in nature , receiving and bountiful. It also relates to The Hierophant , for this card is ruled by Taurus. The Hierophant is the link between above and below , the threshold of spirit. It asks us , why am I here? What is my soul’s purpose? It questions authority and beliefs , and challenges limitations of what we believe we deserve. Utilizing these energies, allow yourself to be vulnerable and willing to receive the messages from spirit. Release limitations you or others put on yourself.
There is a cultivation of senses in Taurus. Venus being the amulet of the body , we learn to move. Allow self care to be an act of sensuality and pleasure. Connected to your throat and your heart , Taurean rituals may include singing, breathwork, reading your poetry aloud. Release your vibrations into the world 〰️〰️〰️ and receive love, new ideas & ways of thinking

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