Entering Aquarius season . . .

Hi all 〰️ back again with a collective reading for u 🏹 beautiful art by @paula.duro 🏺💦~~~ we are floating thru the portal of Aquarius season! Realm of the water bearer , the Star. This week is full of astrological weather 〰️ Mercury in retrograde + Leo full moon. . . I pulled some cards for you ~ the collective for handling the energies of this season. Read for your sun, moon and/or rising. Let’s dive in ..::..
AIR ~ Four of Swords shadow + The Fool. Oracle of Baptisia. Both the Fool and Baptisia fell out and I love their connection , especially as the Air~y energy is strong. The Fool is ruled by Air and the planet Uranus ~~~ just like Aquarius! Ever present , an infinite portal in the void. The cosmic egg cracking open 🌀🥚🌀 activator + instigator. Often appears when you’re pathless, at a crossroads or beginning a journey. Representing unfiltered potential. Paired with the Four of Air ((⚔️)) shadow , this appears to be a journey w i t h i n. This card calls in deep rest, contemplation and meditation. Maybe take a break from social media ((especially when comparing yourself to others)) , stop hanging out with those who drain you or putting too many things on your to-do list — you can’t accomplish everything. You’re at risk for burnout if you don’t check in with yourself and find some peace of mind. I’m sensing scattered energy. The Fool invites you on this journey within your self , your mind , your inner knowing. Be not afraid , the Fool urges you to release fear + control. Beckoning forth the oracle of Baptisia ~~~ tapping into the shadows of not belonging, not fitting in or feeling like an outcast. Welcoming you to find home anywhere on the path that you’re on , no matter where you go. Reminding you that you’re not alone even when you don’t know where to turn. An Aquarian call to be ((+find)) yourself , find ((+wander down)) your own path and don’t succumb to feelings of inadequacy because you’re different or not where you think you **should** be. You’re right where you are!
FIRE ~ Knight of Cups shadow + Oracle of Rosemary. Dreaming dreaming dreaming ☁️〰️☁️ this Knight rides with closed eyes through a sea of clouds. Knights are all about movement and how we move through the world. You’re not taking action just yet but instead , you’re daydreaming about when it comes to fruition and how that will feel // look // be. Perhaps disillusionment is getting in the way , sulking about when things have gone wrong in the past. You aren’t living in reality , but living in your head. Get your head out of the clouds ~~~ allow the Oracle of Rosemary to help you g r o u n d deep in your soul , and then from soul to earth. There your dreams will bear fruit 🍇 Rosemary is a guardian , a protector , a fortress. Cultivating a sense of stability. Holding your hand , reminding you of your desire to create something meaningful. Take that step to show the world what you’ve been dreaming , and put it out into material reality. Know that you have support in doing so 💞
WATER ~ Two of Pentacles shadow + Oracle of Astragalus. Ah , the juggle of life! Of priorities and projects and bills and responsibilities. . . The shadow Two of Pentacles shows us perhaps dropping the balls instead of juggling with ease. There’s an imbalance. And that’s okay , this is a call to get organized and put less on your plate. And with that , comes the Oracle of Astragalus ~~~ a balancing act of herbal refuge ⚖️ reassessing priorities and delegating them. Balancing the extremes of overactivity and deep reflection. Within , without 〰️ above , below. Take what you need and leave the rest. Be thoughtful in what you bring to your own table. Take accountability for what you can and cannot take on.
EARTH ~ Seven of Wands shadow + Oracle of Thistle. Seven of Wands shadow is revealed to us when we are ready to give up and stop the fight. Let the others win because you just can’t go on fighting anymore. Are you just trying to avoid conflict? Are you not standing up for yourself or your beliefs? Don’t give up! Stand your ground and stand firm in your foundation // your feelings. You can’t win everyone over or make everyone happy , don’t dismiss your Self for them. “This is who I am” ~~~ own it. Oracle of Thistle aids us in this declaration. Thistle is a sword of courage , standing by your side during conflict and crisis. You don’t have to fight every fight , but don’t let others walk all over you. Walk away when you’ve stated your piece and they still don’t respect that , not when it hasn’t even had a chance to pass through your lips. You are you and no one can take that away from you. You are valid! Remind yourself of that next time you shrink in someone else’s shadow.

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