Entering Pisces season. . .

Blessed Pisces season! Pisces season is a portal 💧🕳🌊 swimming deeper and d e e p e r into emotion , intuition. It feels as if you’re underwater. Deepening your connection to watery depths ~ sensitivity, empathy and psychic abilities are heightened. Healing will come from your inner consciousness , meditate, astral travel or lucid dream to tap into these realms. Dreamscapes are expansive and all encompassing , keep a journal by your bed to jot down what you feel or remember.
Creativity will blossom as you explore your depths and alternate realities. Ego fades away and you will be called to listen. Listen to others , listen to the waves crash upon the shore. Listen to what comes up for you in this season. Pisces is the elder of the zodiac , a true empath. These energies can be exhausting, so make sure to take time for yourself to be alone and recharge after spending time with others. Work on boundaries! And be sure to not get lost in the labyrinth of your imagination. As you fall down the rabbit hole, make sure you can find your way out 🚪🗝 so you can bring all you have learned and seen back into the material realm 〰️〰️〰️
I pulled some cards for you all , an exploration of the energies as we enter this dreamy Neptunian realm ~~~ read for Sun/Rising/Moon , take what you need + leave the rest ..::.. let’s dive in 🐬
WATER ~ Ace of Swords + Move On. Ace of Air , the power of thought. The creative source from intellect. You can eliminate the fog of the mind when you use the creativity, wisdom and guidance from your inner self. You’re about to birth a new idea , yet there is the oracle with a call to move on. Before you put this idea out there , there are some things you need to deal with first. Aspects of your past you need to move on from , cords you need to cut for this idea to have its full potential. What’s holding you back? There may be a sudden realization and change of perspective. You’re in the realm of expansion , so do not hold on to what binds you or keeps you from change. Fears begone!
FIRE ~ Strength shadow + Self Care. This season is all about the self love for you Fiery ones! If you’re feeling a lack of self confidence // belief in yourSelf , take the time you need for self care. Connect back with yourself. Take care of yourself so you may put that energy back out in the world. Fiery, explosive energy may be at a high for you , take a deep breath before arguing or lashing out. Show yourself respect + love and you will project that outward. “What I see outside is within me. The way that I present myself to the world will be the way in which I am received. What I give, I get. I recognize myself and become strong.”
EARTH ~ The Fool shadow + Change. What needs to change for you to birth new ideas? To change your perspective? A common theme this Pisces season. Change is an important part of life , but many people fear it. It can be scary to leap into the unknown! But without change, you stay at a standstill. Inaction, a need for control. You can close yourself off from new opportunities. Let loose a little , even if it’s just an at home dance party in your living room. Making art without making it “perfect.” Allow the free Spirit of the Fool into your life!
AIR ~ Five of Cups shadow + Trust. Trust in yourself , trust in your heart. This card comes at a time when we recognize the value of the experiences we’ve been through. Painful experiences can bring us valuable lessons. Trust in the process, grieve , give yourself love and rest , but don’t be closed off forever. Allow yourself to open up again , open up to love and new experiences. Let go of what no longer serves you emotionally , so that you can pick up those fallen cups and fill them again 🍷

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