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Entering Scorpio season. . .

We have entered Scorpio’s deep watery portal of sensual and mysterious energies 🌀🐍 . . . If you didn’t already know , I am a Scorpio! Scorpio sun, midheaven and Pluto. I connect most with this sign and my life has been marked with many transformations and psychic growth. I have pulled some cards for each element , these may reflect themes coming up for you as we wade these deep waters 🌊  Art is by @serpentfire and cards are Mountain Dream tarot by @beanettles and Vessel oracle by @m.a.r.y.e.v.a.n.s
WATER ~ Six of Cups & Movement. Six of Cups is a nostalgic journey to the past , not uncommon during Mercury Retrograde. There is a synergy and balance in giving & receiving in your relationships during this time , an innocent love. With your mind in the past , there will be a deeper connection to your inner child. I see traumas and triggers being activated from your childhood , and the need to move through those feelings coming up for you and heal from them. Letting go of old beliefs, feelings and thoughts which do not serve you , and cutting cords with people and places from your past that shouldn’t travel to the future with you. You may also reconnect with an old friend, lover or family member in a loving & healthy way as well , but proceed with caution letting anyone back in so easily. This Scorpio season will be bringing you back in time , don’t stay there! Take what you need with you and leave the rest.
EARTH ~ Three of Pentacles shadow & Move on. Lots of movement coming up for everyone this season 🐍 and there’s a need to shed skin and transmute old energies. Three of Pentacles shadow points to a need to work alone , to separate yourself from sharing your ideas in a large group. Or perhaps you have too many people in your inner circle and you’d like to pare down to just your closest friends. I’m sensing boundaries need to be put in place for those you work with at your job / creatively or even just those who you share ideas and dreams with. Not everyone has your best interest at heart and Scorpio season will bring out the envy or jealously that rots within.You may need to move on from your job or friendship completely , or find where the disharmony stems from and work through it.
FIRE ~ Two of Wands & Release. After the Ace of Wands and the birth of a new idea , comes the Two of Wands and the planning of how it comes to fruition. I pulled this card for you concerning Mercury in retrograde so this energy is still powerful for you. You may be planning farther into the future and have some big decisions to make. You need to be open to growth and transformations that may seem risky or cause you fear. How else will you achieve those dreams and ideas you come up with? Release fear of the unknown, shed your skin and know that transformation is just another step of the journey. Change is a part of life. The passion is there, you just have to take that first step. Mercury retrograde ends Nov 3rd, in the midst of Scorpio’s portal. Begin making moves after Mercury goes direct , and perhaps new opportunities will float your way.
AIR ~ Eight of Wands & Support. Eight of Wands lets you know that if you go with the flow, the universe will support you. Don’t resist! Allow things to move into alignment and disregard the rest. What doesn’t align with your higher self will have to go. And quickly! The Eight of Wands moves fast , and reminds us that the opportunities present will not always be there. This season may be hectic for you , but there’s abundance afoot if you’ll allow it. The universe is handing you these opportunities and it won’t wait forever for you to reach out and grab them. Beware of burnout and aimlessly moving forward.

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