From the horizon ; beginning

Eclipse season is on the horizon ..::.. it begins tomorrow with the Sagittarius full blood moon lunar eclipse πŸ—πŸŒ•πŸ•³ the moon has been in Scorpio yesterday + today , preparing us to release what isn’t serving us + shed skin 🐍 I have pulled some cards to delve into the energies surrounding us as we step closer to the eclipse ..::..
Ten of Wands and The Devil symbolize a workaholic , someone defined by their hard work , their burden and their burnout. The temptation and the pride of working until you collapse. How do you internalize capitalism? Are you burnt out , or do you normally allow yourself to get that far before you rest? Are you pushing yourself too far? Going going going? Ask yourself these questions and hold space for the feelings that come up when you do. Maybe it’s time to release the masculine fiery energy of Emperor / Kings and move into feminine watery Empress / Queen energy. Receptive , nurturing flow 🌊 creative incubation.

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