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Full moon in Gemini

Full moon in Gemini 🌕〰️🌕 the last full moon of the year & of the decade! This moon arrived at 12:12am today on 12/12 , with 2019 also being a 12 year. 12 in numerology represents healing, completion and reincarnation. Such powerful energy to close out this decade ~ magick is afoot! Speak your desires into existence , draw down the moon.
Gemini is ruled by Mercury , the Magician , the divine alchemist turning excrement into gold. Ruler of communication , divination , change. Try and keep centered and grounded , be gentle with yourself and others. Gemini can spend a lot of time in the labyrinth of the mind, which may bring up anxieties you have hidden away. Yet, you can utilize this Air energy by focusing on mental clarity ~ journal, meditate, visualize, practice ceremonial magick, pull cards.
2020 brings us crystal vision and this cold Gemini moon is all about duality , mirrors ~~~ truly looking at your Self & your relationships , bringing up deep questions of who you are, what you truly desire ~ activating both the divine feminine and the divine masculine , mirrored in and of themselves. Acknowledge and balance your productive and introspective sides.
Full moons are a time of emotional clearing, shedding, reflection 〰️🐍〰️ a sacred harvest of the seeds you planted during the new moon. Gemini rules the hands, lungs and nervous system. Practice breathwork, herbal body oiling , work with plant medicine to ease your nerves , use your hands to journal or play music. Cut cords with who and what no longer serve you , release stagnant energy & fear of change ~ it is time for new beginnings.
What is coming up for you? What do you need to let go of in order to move on? What are you ready to bring into the world? 〰️〰️〰️

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