Full moon in Virgo reflection

Happy Monday and happy March! I was going to pull some cards on the Virgoan full moon but its energies really knocked me out and I started my 🌕 cycle. I needed to rest. So today , as moon is beginning to wane, I’ve tapped in to give you a collective reading for this upcoming week and what to release / reflect on. Read for sun/moon/rising , take what you need and leave the rest! Every reading had a Pentacle lesson 🗝🏵 Let’s dive in ..::..
EARTH ~ Five of Pentacles, King of Swords shadow + oracle of Free Spirit. There’s an imbalance of your perceived abundance and the power you hold. You may be unsure of the direction you want to go , uncertain and lost with regards to your career / finances / home life. You’re stuck in your head ⚔️ You may be focusing on your losses right now and stuck in a rut. You need to release this mindset and instead , work from a place of gratitude for what you do have. Work from a deep well of love. You may not be expressing yourself or sharing your ideas / projects / dreams because you think “what’s the point?” “why bother?” You’re using your sword to critique yourself. The oracle of Free Spirit reminds us that yes, creativity blooms within. But to hold these expressions of yourself within is to deny the gifts you carry. To share them opens you to the abundance of the universe. It’s a manifestation of the evolution of yourSelf // spirit. Allow your self-worth to expand so that your self-expression intensifies. Believe in yourself! If you’re stuck in a dark place , lost out in the cold ~ utilize St. John’s Wort tincture, oil or flower essence to aid you in depressive periods or heightened anxiety. It will alleviate tension and unrest we may experience when we need to express our ideas and beliefs. As this can affect SSRIs and other medications, definitely let your doctor know if you decide to use this herbal remedy in its physical form ((flower essences are energetic medicine))
WATER ~ Six of Pentacles, Ten of Wands + oracle of Law of Continuity. There is a sense of completion and harvest coming up for Water signs this week. Perhaps a big project is coming to a close, you’re tying up loose ends and maybe even taking on some extra roles or responsibilities in order to get it done. With the Six of Pentacles, there’s a balance of giving and receiving , so be aware of when you feel burdened or unreciprocated in your efforts this week. Boundary work is pertinent! The Ten of Wands is exactly what happens when you don’t have strong boundaries, even when it comes to your own passions. How far will you push yourself? You may feel burnt out or overwhelmed and realize your boundaries aren’t being enforced , or respected. You may also be getting too involved in helping others , unable to draw the line between their problems or responsibilities and your own. Law of Continuity oracle shows us that there is purpose and reason connecting to all that surrounds us. Our connection to spirit can be a lifeline when we need it. Take the time this week to take a break and sit with spirit — meditate, commune in your own way and tap into the Piscean realm of the deep watery subconscious. Prickly ash bark tincture can aid you in stimulating your circulatory and lymphatic system , spirit drops can aid you in releasing victim mentality and martyrdom. Instead you’ll see that it’s sometimes better to allow others to handle their own responsibilities, lessons or trials they face. Practice a more detached compassion , instead of getting so involved that you’re as attached to the outcome as much as they are. Allow yourself to flow freely in and out of giving and receiving ~ giving your time to others , yet also receiving help ((or your own “me” time)) when you need it too.
AIR ~ Five of Wands shadow, King of Pentacles shadow + oracle of Commitment. Okay, so what I’m sensing here is avoidance, stubbornness and “dropping the ball ((pentacle))”. You may be facing some internal conflict, deflecting and ignoring things that are bothering you, hindering you or standing in your way. You’re being avoidant and rigid , unable to move forward or backward. Perhaps you’re ignoring the fact that you’re not being thoughtful with your spending habits, or placing material things in more importance than the things that truly matter to you. The oracle of Commitment is a commitment to yourSelf. A commitment to go forward and grow towards your potential, to continue on. Acknowledge that some healing needs to be done so that your journey of growth can be resumed. Sometimes we hold onto or accumulate material possessions as a way to feel better, to improve our mood , or we spend money to feel something ~ usually instant gratification. There’s nothing wrong with splurging , but when you’re using material things or spending money to distract from your emotions or thoughts ~ you’re avoiding something! Step back into yourself and see what you really need in order to feel satisfied and whole. Alfalfa assimilates nutrients in our body and purifies the blood , spiritually allowing us to see what is actually of worth and value to us. Grounding us in our inner knowing that we are enough. You are enough.
FIRE ~ Knight of Pentacles shadow, Ten of Swords shadow + oracle of Virgo. The dreaming ends here! ((JK 😇)) But it is time for action. Making a schedule and sticking to it , actively working towards your goals instead of dreaming of them , and being truly committed to seeing them to fruition. Oracle of Virgo is also encouraging of this stability and organization. Virgo believes that order and structure provide channels for future works. But there’s a push to focus on the overall picture instead of hyper-focusing on the minute details , which might be slowing you down and causing you to desire perfection. There’s a definite release with Ten of Swords which you need to acknowledge. There may be a ‘death’ of something you were working on or towards and you need to let it go. Holding on may be hindering you from moving forward in the new direction you’ve begun walking down. It’s the last plea of “don’t change!” and you need to squash it. Release what isn’t serving you, release the painful past that’s holding you back ~ allow those swords to fall out of your back so the wounds can heal. Ephedra is a stimulating herb used for asthma, bronchitis and other congestive conditions and should NOT be taken by those who do not need aid in that way. Instead, work with mullein, eucalyptus, camphor or clove. Inhale and feel a cleansing energy, exhaling the old. Opening up the throat chakra for true expression. Breathwork can aid you in getting back to this present moment, grounding you and freeing you from the past.

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