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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

🌕Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn🐐〰 the last eclipse of the summer is here, unleashing and unlocking the past. We must learn to let go of monetary and emotional constraints holding us back , without guilt or fear. This moon is about healing the divine masculine energy , taking goals to the next level , manifesting prosperity and dissolving obstacles in our path. I pulled cards for this full moon and ended up with one card from each elemental suit :
The Shaman / King of Swords ~ fire of air , his power derives from the fusion of the sword's mobility and the creative force of fire. He thinks thoroughly before proceeding and it's rare for him to impulsively act from passion or love. This card is telling you to release your indecisiveness about options and ultimately, decisions you need to make -- just do it. Use your spirit connections and intuition , you have the tools. You're delaying necessary changes and generally not achieving anything because of fear of making the wrong choice. You are never out of options , the possibilities are endless. (Choice is my oracle card pull) 〰

🌱 Discs / pentacles are the matter from which all forms proceed and to which they ultimately return. Ace of Discs is the creative germ of the earth , the newborn , a new beginning. You are ready to evolve! Begin a new project, a new business venture or career shift. You are moving towards prosperity , manifest it.

🔥 How can you direct your energy in the most valuable way? What are the frustrations that waste your energy? The Five of Wands is asking you these questions. It's time to pick and choose your battles - back to those choices! Transition and transformation is coming whether you like it or not. You need to be ready for it by focusing on your goals instead of petty drama or other things that waste your time and energy. That time and energy could be put towards something useful.

💧 Lastly, the Five of Cups asks you to consciously let go of the past. Stop clinging to past emotions , pessimism , self pity. New opportunities and possibilities (ace of Discs) are waiting for you! But only when you're ready.

Cancer season is all about healing your past traumas, working on your shadow self and nurturing your inner child. Use this full moon and powerful eclipse energy to do the shadow work , do the self care. Take a bath with herbs, light a candle, write in your journal & manifest what it is you want out of life. It's as easy as starting with a to do list. Don't be afraid of the inevitable choices and transitions you will have to make along the way. Don't allow that fear to stop you from reaching your goals 💖

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