Gemini season & the tarot

Gemini season spread by @wandererstarot 🌑⚔️ just as the dark moon begins to wax into Cancer 
Haven’t had a lot of time lately to be posting much but that’s about to change as my partner and I begin to paint, build and set up the shop! I notice when days pass and I don’t spend time with my cards, my journal or my herbs & plants that I’m more stressed, and feel out of balance.
After Taurus season and the collective call to s l o w down and ground yourself , Gemini brings airy duality, a variety of perspectives and an opening of portals where we may shapeshift as we desire. There’s also a lot of energy in the air regarding relationships and boundaries. I know that’s something that’s been on my mind as of late, where I see myself in certain relationships and how I can work on my boundaries. I pulled these cards yesterday and they mulled around in my mind all day before I had a chance to post ~~~
Gemini’s blessing is the Princess ~ Page of Cups. The earth of water. Inspired visions , youthful, flowing emotion. Liberation from codependency and release from the need to please others. Finding emotional balance ⚖️ Awareness of the creative & psychic gifts you have and the ability to explore and express them. Listening to your intuition. This is a sweet card of love, curiosity, beginnings and is a call to listen to your messages from the dream realm. This is a wonderful time for dreamwork & journaling. Use herbs like mugwort and blue lotus flower to lucid dream and connect to your subconscious ☁️
A potential challenge is the Prince ~ Knight of Swords. The air of air. The horseman gallops through the air, a messenger of ideas. Challenging aspects of this winged & quick knight are rushing into things without planning, becoming too detached from your emotions and not channeling energy in the way that you need it. This is where burn out happens if you don’t slow down or find direction! Gemini season is fluid and flexible, but if you can’t make a decision or you feel flighty and all over the place, then you’re going to find yourself back where you started, breathing heavy and exhausted. Running around without knowing where you’re going is a waste of time. This also goes for following the direction of others without finding your own path.
Healing potential is represented by the Queen of Swords. The water of air. Enthroned amidst clouds , this card represents transformation and change. You have reached this throne when you achieve strong boundaries and intellectual maturity. Seeking truth, getting to the heart of the matter. Not letting others affect your ability to make a decision. This queen is strong in her stance and won’t let emotions sway her. True healing can come when you have convictions and are honest with yourself.
The oracle card I pulled is Free Spirit ~~ creativity blooms within. New levels of expression are sought after. Self worth expands and intensifies self expression ⭐️

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