Great conjunction ~ winter solstice ~ age of Aquarius

Blessed solstice! Yesterday was the 🌀great conjunction🌀 and the dawning of the age of Aquarius 🏺💦 There is potent magick and cosmic energy afoot . . . A meeting of Expansion // Abundance ((Jupiter)) and The Passing of Time // Death ((Saturn)). This portal will bring about renewal and rebirth , if we are receptive and work with this Aquarian vision of building collective care and crumbling patriarchal structures. I pulled cards to shine light on what to shed 🕯🌕🔥 and what to let in 🕳🌑🌿 with guidance from oracle as we pass through this portal. Let’s dive in ..:::..
Art by @hheininge
WATER ~ Release Justice , let in Temperance. Oracle of Cremation Ground / Meditation. Releasing Justice is about releasing rigid rules and organization. Outdated ideals of what is right and wrong and the idea of prosecution to detriment. The belief that there is no forgiveness once a wrong has been committed. On a larger scale this could be represented by the prison industrial complex. Gender constructs. I could go on! Kill the cop in your head. With Temperance being the other side of this coin ~ and wow what balance in these two cards ☯️ ~ there’s an ushering in of fluidity and complexity. Allow yourself to release harsh rules of what is and what isn’t. Give yourself, and others, some freedom to express themselves , and just be. Let in stability and patience. Cremation Grounds Oracle ((The Chariot)) represents a journey to enlightenment and rebirth through the end of the world / ego death. Sounds about right! Detach yourself from the old ways as we walk towards the future of what this society can become.
FIRE ~ Release the Empress , let in Four of Swords. Oracle of Phoenix. Releasing the Empress also seems like a card that could be confusing. But the Empress can also represent overly (s)mothering those in your life , clinging tightly and not being able to let go. So there’s a need to do just that — let go. You can kill a plant by overwatering! Like a mother with an aging child , you need to allow patience and space to let others grow without you holding their hand , or breathing down their neck. There’s a difference between being a caring and nurturing friend / partner , and being controlling and possessive. This can also be in many aspects in your life , not just with other people. Letting in the Four of Swords represents rest and meditation , and it’s just what you need to let yourself, and maybe other people in your life, breathe. If you’re obsessing over a certain project , take a step back and clear your mind. Come back to it later. You can create some beautiful things with a decluttered mind and fresh perspective. Oracle of Phoenix is also represented by the Sun arcana. Fiery magick! A rebirth , the sun emerging after the darkness of night. Fire reducing all manmade structures to ashes. Selfless love taking their place 🌀💞🌀
AIR ~ Release Seven of Swords , let in Knight of Wands. Oracle of Serpent Power. Release the sneaky, icky feelings of the Seven of Swords. Going behind people’s backs, not being the most honest. This can also represent acting strategically to get what you want and overly planning , which isn’t the most horrible thing , but doesn’t let things be organic and spontaneous. Which is where the Knight of Wands comes in. Knight of Wands is passionate energy , fire bringing forth creative ideas and the ability to put those ideas into action. Get out of your head! Bring those dreams from the clouds ☁️ into the physical realm. Dive deep into your passions. The oracle of 🐍 Serpent Power 🐍 is all about awakening kundalini energy within you ~ the stirring of potent magick and evolution. Transmutation. The shedding of skin to birth new insights. You won’t get there by plotting out every move!
EARTH ~ Release Eight of Cups shadow , let in Seven of Cups shadow. Oracle of Elixir Fruit / Essence. Releasing Eight of Cups shadow is releasing lost causes and knowing when to walk away. It can be so hard to walk away from relationships, jobs, projects that just aren’t working, but you wish they were ~ it’s necessary to move on now. Dissatisfaction will eat you up inside! Use your intuition to guide you towards alignment , the Seven of Swords shadow will lead the way. This card is full of chalices of choices and opportunities inside ~ use that inner knowing to continue forth and drink the right potion. Some may be filled with what was , some with what will not serve you and there are others that lead you to the future. Elixir Fruit / Essence oracle can help you by awakening your senses. Creating lusciousness where you thought was barren. This oracle helps you to see that everything is beautiful if you stop believing the grass is greener elsewhere. You do not always need what others have to be happy , or to fit in , or to be successful. You have your own ambrosia 🍷 it is not in those fallen and overturned cups ~ dreams. Leave them behind!

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