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Hierophant musings

The Hierophant ~ ruled by Taurus and the element of earth. The high priest , leader , teacher , keeper of mysteries. The Hierophant is the link between above and below , the threshold of spirit. It asks us , why am I here? What is my soul’s purpose? My future legacy? Am I currently the student or the teacher? For you are never just one or the other. It questions authority and beliefs , and challenges limitations of what we believe we deserve. It represents a mastery of self , so that you can aide or guide others and also acts as a reminder that we all are channels ~~~ and we all have talents and offerings to bring to our communities.
I find this card also has ties to ancestral work. Transform daily routine into ritual and delve into your ancestral heritage. What can your ancestors and spirit guides teach you? What can you then in turn teach others?
5 is a number of work, challenges and growth from those challenges ~ a portal of no return ~ transformation 🐍Teaching us that healing is painful. Shedding skin is no easy task. Working with ancestral magick can bring up deep traumas and working through that can be hard to navigate. But working through inherited and generational traumas can work to heal your own childhood traumas and help break the wounded cycle 🌀🗝 as well as the ability to unlock ancient wisdom and honor your elders’ knowledge.

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