Hierophant year elemental collective reading

1/11 ~~~ ! Tomorrow is the New Moon in Capricorn. Tonight I wanted to share my Hierophant year elemental collective reading with you all. Each element was pulled a tarot card to reflect on this Gregorian year ((2021)) and each sign under that element was pulled an oracle to dive deeper. Read for sun/moon/rising 🗝 whatever feels right!
WATER ~ Five of Pentacles jumped out! Five of Pentacles is a time of excessive anxiety and tension , coupled with long term inaction. All fives signify change + challenges and the growth that occurs because of that , and we’re also in a five year (2+2+0+1). Obviously there’s lots of very real financial worry happening right now — this is more about you centering yourself in that narrative and continuously feeling like a victim. Self pitying to the point of feeling like the only one in the world who’s suffering, or who’s ever gone through what you’re going through. Not recognizing your privileges, and in turn, not helping those less fortunate than you.
Cancer — Wheel of Great Time oracle is telling you to release your lack mindset and negative thought patterns. Things are always changing, whether you want them to or not. It will get better! There’s a turning point approaching if you’re ready and willing to go with the flow. Accept help when you need it , whether from those in the physical or spiritual realms. You don’t have to go through everything alone.
Scorpio — Threefold Riddle oracle. The veils represent both protection and illusion. A seduction through the mystery of a self which is concealed. Look in the depths of your mind. What past karma is still being enacted in the present? What emotions need to be released? What dreams need to be explored? Keep integrating the shadow and all the parts of you that you keep hidden away. It will help you face these matters at hand , and more importantly, help you move beyond them.
Pisces — Mercury oracle is that of the Magician. Alchemy afoot! Turn mercury (poison) into gold. This situation may be bad right now but you have all the tools within you to handle it. Transform it. There is deep realization in this card. A reminder to trust, to move forward and to be magickal. New beginnings and opportunities will present themselves to you.
FIRE ~ The Hanged One. An arcana of stillness , new perspective and a deep breath. Reminding you to release old habits, behaviors and thought patterns that are hindering you from new opportunities. Clearing the pathway for you to listen to your intuition and recognize when you must lean into these pauses before they become burnout. This may seem hard for you, Fire signs, but know that these calm moments of fresh air help you to evaluate your progress on your path. Things can get muddled when you’re going, going, going.
Aries — Deep End oracle invites you to transform into a fish , dive into the oceanic world of emotion. Learn psychic adaptability. Release ego’s restrictions, let yourself move and feel freely. Use this pause to go i n w a r d. Plunge into the deeeep waters of the unconscious 🌊 delve into the worlds of visualization magick and dreamwork.
Leo — Like a Bubble oracle will teach you to relax in order for the bubbles of pure consciousness to arise. Opening up the mind to its original and spontaneous nature , free of preconceptions. Allow things to flow, don’t stare at paper and force yourself to draw, or write. Allow your mind to wander like bubbles rising upward to freedom into nothingness. Insight, inspiration and intuition will appear.
Sagittarius — The Rose Garden oracle welcomes you to the garden of earthly delights. The secret sensual place where all desires are fulfilled to abundance. In deep rest and pause , you will achieve emotional fulfillment and abundance. Pay attention to your dreams , for they show you your innermost desires.
EARTH ~ The Star. After the Tower, comes the Star. Sweet salvation in balance and harmony. Fusion of golden fire and silver water into an androgynous synthesis. A mixture of subconscious and conscious worlds. An elixir of life , nourishing the higher self 🦋 Metaphysical wisdom from unclouded perception. Fertile re~birth from the ashes. Many times the vision of the Star shows you where in your life you want to make changes and transform.
Taurus — Totally Bananas oracle ~ an unconscious fantasy. A change in viewpoint and a desire to be separated from the norm and conventional attitudes. Try something new, and don’t care what others (or your own doubts) think. Recognize the ridiculousness in all things and don’t take things too seriously.
Virgo — Wave of Bliss oracle , urging you to ride it. Wash away the attachment you have to your limitations. It’s easy to stay the same and not change , but there is no growth on roads you’ve walked down hundreds of times. Shed ego-based thinking and surrender to bliss.
Capricorn — Mount Meru: Center of the Universe oracle. The holy mountain. An integration of inner and outer worlds , much like the Star. A desire to forsake worldly ambition for spirit. Spiritual resolution and achievement of dreams. Disillusionment with worldly values and a re-evaluation of one’s position in society. Taking on a more Aquarian approach perhaps. . .
AIR ~ Four of Cups. There may be offerings of opportunities that aren’t currently aligning with you. And that’s okay! Perhaps they’re not meant for you , or just not at this time. You’re going inward to reflect and ground before making any other moves forward.
Gemini — Pearls Before Swine oracle , warning of disillusionment and disconnection from your inner truth. Pearls represent wisdom , use this inner knowing to discern who you let in your life and who needs to go. What invitations you want to take and what you need to cast aside. There are some choices to be made.
Libra — Hot Seat oracle. Be prepared for a position of power to come your way. And with power, comes the acceptance of responsibility. Decisions must be made with conviction. You’ll find yourself being confronted with your relationship to authority and power , as well as your ambition. Transformation will be necessary to achieve fulfillment. Channel this energy through your higher will.
Aquarius — Solar Return oracle shows us the black hole from which a new reality emerges , and that is what we hope of the Aquarian age. Both devouring and creating. Bring the future into the present , by deciphering your past and not repeating it. Recognize outstretched cups that have been offered to you before , may be a different cup but it contains the same liquid. Be aware of your dreams and synchronistic signs. Consider your relationship to the collective unconscious 🌀

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