Hierophant year musings

Hierophant ~~~ 2021 , 5 year , the portal of no return. Growth from challenges and work. An exploration of being a channel ~ for spirit // for your dreams // for the greater good of the collective. A call to deepen your spiritual practice, listen to your guides + ancestors , take classes or read books to sharpen your inner tools or master a craft. A mastery of self , to ultimately find your soul purpose. As above , so below ~ a bridge from the clouds to the earth. Are you the student or the teacher? Trick question. . .

Teacher of ancient wisdom , ruling over the powers of duality. High priest of Jupiter ~ celestial knowing. Questioning what we want and what we actually need. The spark of intellectual life beyond the material realm. Crumbling of outdated beliefs, mindless worship and false idols , ushering in a new ((Aquarian)) age. Whispers of occult wisdom from the underworld and ancient knowledge from the stars. Are you listening?

Student of Temperance. Androgynous alchemy ~~~ 🦋🌀metamorphosis🌀🦋 reincarnation ~ fluidity in its highest form. The outcome is no longer obscure , there is a stabilizing balance of incomplete, equal and opposite energies that are growing together. The result is individuality in new existence , with potential and freedom to achieve and continue on in beautiful~prismatic~multidimensional complexity. What old organization and confinements are you shedding?

Everyone is their own teacher , everyone is their own guru. And yet , we are always + and in all ways students ~ no one is all knowing. There is always room to grow , to expand . . . To go beyond what was and what is.

What I like to do for understanding arcana cards is to find someone/something that represents that ideal for me. Hierophant ~ Temperance energy is represented by Genesis P-Orridge for me 〰️🦋〰️ a fluid being who practiced and shared magick in Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth and through their pioneering musick. Major influence and an ancestor for me 💕

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