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〰️🌱🍇 the wheel of the year turns once more to the realm between winter solstice & spring equinox. The darkness is lifting and it’s time to honor the light , the beginning growth of the seeds you planted during Yule. In Irish, “Imbolc” means “in the belly”. Mother Earth is beginning to stir ~ newly pregnant with life , sap will soon begin to flow , animals will begin to venture out of their caves and burrows. As you shake off the drowsy winter slumber , focus on what has been lying dormant & clear out stagnant thoughts. Make room for awakening and ignite what is beginning to stir inside of you 🔥
As daylight builds, so does the moon. Imbolc occurred on the first quarter moon , one week from the full moon. The moon is in Taurus , and we are being called back into our bodies. Emotional fulfillment from simple & sensual pleasures. Honor your senses and try to remain in the present moment.
Imbolc rituals can include cleaning, cord cutting, smoke or sound cleansing, dancing, passionate movement, sex, lighting candles, herbal body oiling, massage. Use herbs that support your heart, blood, root chakra and reproductive organs like hawthorn, reishi, rose, cinnamon, damiana. Focus on stimulation, excitement, flowing blood , life. Imagine your daydreams and manifestation as flowers blossoming. It is no coincidence that Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

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