Imbolc elemental collective reading

Blessed Imbolc! Today is the midway point between winter and spring , a balance in the scales ⚖️ I have pulled some cards for the collective ~ a collective oracle pull as well as messages for the elements. What is getting ready to bloom / igniting fiery passion within you + what needs to be cleared or released in order for that to come to fruition?
Oracle of CANCER is our guide as we ready ourselves to crawl from our winter caves. The home within , the resting place of spirit. The earth mother , our point of contact with the material realm. This energy nurtures the soul and generates the flowering energies of life. You awake to the real world. This energy heals and comforts. Work done within awaits expression. We’ll be awakening from deep rest/sleep/hibernation s o o n , life is stirring. What we have been growing in our bellies will soon be birthed.
Read for sun / rising / moon , whatever feels right and resonates with you is what is meant for you. Let’s dive in ..::..
WATER ~ Letting in Page of Cups shadow , releasing King of Wands shadow. Page of Cups shadow represents a time of sitting on ideas and dreams , not ready to release them into the world just yet. You may be having doubts about your intuition and not fully stepping into your visions. Now with the King of Wands shadow accompanying this Page , we can look into why you might be stalling these endeavors. This King, when in their shadow, may set unrealistic goals and by doing so, set themselves up for failure. While you’re daydreaming away of grandiose visions , what is getting accomplished? This isn’t to say you can’t dream big , but you can’t get it done overnight. And the more (big) dreams you throw away , the less you’ll dream at all. You need to be a little bit more realistic ~ and make smaller, more accessible goals that lead you down the path to the castle in the sky ☁️🏰☁️ Be honest with yourself about what you can accomplish in this moment and don’t be so hard on yourself. Another note ~ others’ paths are not your own, do not give up because your dreams and your path differs from the norm or differs from those you admire. Trust your inner knowing ~ intuitive wisdom! Allow that to guide you.
FIRE ~ Letting in Hanged Man , releasing Two of Wands shadow. I believe I’ve pulled this for you recently , so this is a major LISTEN UP moment from spirit. If you don’t pause // slow down // reflect , you will burn out Two of Wands shadow~~~style. You are still deep in hibernation mode , which perhaps you’ll be in until spring. Which is okay! Sometimes we must bow to seasonal tropes of rest / rebirth and recognize we cannot be constantly in a state of creation. There is always a moment of reflection, dreaming, consummation, and sometimes ~ infertility. Sometimes the ground does not take the seed. Sometimes the dream does not leave the cloud and become material. The Hanged Man is also representative of a change in perspective , while Two of Wands beckons you inward. Perhaps you were blazing down one path , and have now realized ((or will soon be)) , that it’s not for you. It doesn’t align with you any longer , it doesn’t feel natural or good anymore. Maybe it never did but you kept on going anyway. Release it. It isn’t meant for you. Dream into the void once more. Release fears of change, release the restrictions you’ve put on yourself. Get comfortable in your cave as the wheel turns towards spring. Allow yourself to f l o w. You may find that once the seasons change you’ll have a new routine and new projects ruminating 🌱
AIR ~ Letting in Justice , releasing The Devil. Justice is all about the search for truth , your truth. And standing by that truth. While the Devil represents your shadow , material pleasures + desires (sex, drugs, rock n roll etc) , and feeling helpless // not in control of those parts of yourself. This isn’t always a clear path as it may seem , but in essence , you are on the path to your higher self through uncovering your truths ((and your shadows)) , and accepting the consequences of your actions ~~ perhaps hurt which was inflicted on others , or yourself , while not actively or meaningfully doing shadow work. Acknowledging those shadows, traumas, skeletons in your closet. Learning to live with , and walk alongside , those shadows you once thought were bad and icky and made you unworthy of love or acceptance. Releasing the skeletons that once haunted you. Release the shame. There is a sense of responsibility when this shadow work is being done. You are working on yourself to be the best You you can be. And putting yourself up to the light of Justice while you do it. The light of your higher self. Apologize , forgive. Recognize your faults , but don’t demonize yourself because of them.
EARTH ~ Letting in the Sun , releasing The Emperor shadow. The Sun is coming! After a dark winter, know that the sun will shine again and with it comes blooming flowers , life sprouting from the soil. This is calling in abundance of all kinds , positive energy and confidence. Not really feeling that? You’ll need to blow out the Emperor’s shadowy fire in order to ignite the ultimate cosmic fire of the Sun. We’ve all seen the shadow Emperor play out on a larger scale in the world , but what about when it has to do with our own relationship to power? You’ll have to examine that for yourself because right now it seems a littttle unhinged. Either over dominating others , or the opposite ~ allowing others to take your power away from you. Either way , you need to set the scales in balance again. You won’t find optimism in a setting where you’re letting someone step all over you , and you’re not open to the flow of abundance or the divine when you’re being possessive/greedy or overbearing , bossing your coworkers/friends/partner around. Call in the power of your solar plexus chakra ~ yellow color magick. Use it to instill confidence in yourself when standing up to those bosses or friends that wear you down ~ allow it to calm those of you who need to work with your ego. Recognize the dynamics that need to be shifted so you can see the light 🌞

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