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Imbolc & the tarot

The Fool appears 〰️ the beginning , the end , woven throughout. The cosmic egg , pure unfiltered potential. You need not release the potential , but the naivety & lack of awareness. Step into your power! Step into material reality , get out of your head and onto your new path. You’ve spent the winter hibernating, mulling around ideas and dreaming , it’s time to leave the realm of imagination and begin your journey 🕳
The Five of Cups ~ shadow shows us how to best clear space to welcome in this new beginning. 5 is breaking down form, erosion and changeableness. This card represents release , moving on and going through feelings in order to move on. The three overturned cups represent your disappointments and failures , the two upright are opportunity and potential you’re failing to recognize. The shadow asks you to get out of your head & open up to those around you who support you , it’ll lessen your emotional pain. And you have to forgive yourself. Release the past and recognize the value ~ lesson of the experiences that have been setting you back. Discover how to open up and take risks again.
As you shed the Fool’s naivety and your overturned cups , The Emperor is awakening as the wheel turns toward spring. This is powerful as this is an Emperor year 🔥 this card invites you to be your own father ~ mother and reclaim your personal power. Have accountability & confidence of self , believe that you can make change! The Emperor is a talisman of power that you can carry with you.
As the days grow longer , you can honor the light with the Nine of Cups ~ shadow. This is a card of inner happiness , shadow relating to Self ~ through spiritual growth and emotional fulfillment. Reconsider what you’re wishing for and align it with your Self. Instead of looking outside for happiness , look within and do what makes you happy instead of trying to impress or please others. Change your definition of success , step away from social media ~ watching what others are doing. Everyone is walking down their own path! Reconnect to your dreams & goals , recommit to them , and be proactive so they may blossom 🌱
A message from the halfway point , the Seven of Pentacles ~ shadow warns us to watch where we invest our time and energy. You may be putting money, time, love and energy into things that are not coming to fruition or providing results. Don’t keep toughing it out in fear of “failure”. A strength in life is knowing when to walk away. Let go of that dead weight 🐍

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