Invoking the Star

Blessed new moon in Aquarius! 🌑🦋⚱️💦 potent energy in the æther as six planets are currently in Aquarius. Aquarius in the tarot is represented by THE STAR. An arcana of harmony , beauty , unity , surrender. Unclouded perception, metaphysical wisdom. A naked being is pouring liquids from a golden + a silver jug. One liquid is fiery , the other watery. Both fuse into an androgynous synthesis 🌀 The star above the being’s head is joined by seven others , the seven classical planets. The butterfly is a symbol of the fluttering psyche which has found its way to the higher self and is nourished there by the elixir of life , divine ambrosia. This arcana symbolizes re~birth and the action of commanding your own ideas , being your own person and recognizing the growth you’re capable of experiencing. There are infinite possibilities + realities within you. After the Tower comes the Star. We have been given the gift of fertility , the nectar of the gods. Infinite renewal after destruction of what no longer serves us. 

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