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Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter transits into Capricorn 〰️ Jupiter has settled into the sea goat’s focused vibration until winter solstice 2020. Asking you to not settle and believe in yourself. Focus on your big , but tangible , project and climbing the path to success ✨☁️✨
Jupiter in Sagittarius was optimistic , sometimes to detriment , and may have had you taking risks that did not further your goals or dreams. Yet Sagittarius guided you to places you may have never ventured to in your Self , deepening philosophies and allowing you to explore exciting potentials. To these potentials , Capricorn’s discipline is a powerful tool , helping to make them reality. This sign dives deep into the watery void , then brings that knowledge to the top of the mountain. Steadfast, unafraid of hard work or extremes.
Use Capricorn’s sure footing to make slow, calculated and definitive choices ~~ moving upwards. Be selective of the rocks you step on 〰️ saying yes to something that does not work for you will cause you to tumble down the mountain . . .

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