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Lion heart magick moon

New Moon in Leo 🔥🌑🔥 ~~~ art by @serpentfire ➰ tarot spread by @gottesss ➰ lion heart magick afoot! As the dark moon portal opens tonight, allow your heart to do the same. Let fiery love and passion guide you. I pulled this reading for the collective ~
The Spark ~ an aspect of your life that needs fire energy activation is represented by the Empress. Fertile great mother goddess incarnate in earthly form. Manifestation of passion , the bond of spirit and material realms. An open rose 🌹 that’s been pollinated. The Empress represents personal power and shameless pleasure , potent desire. A call to authentically create!
Kindling ~ what quality of attention, focus or action must you offer the Empress to vitalize it? Queen of Cups ~ water of water. Loving intuitive femininity. Strong intuition, creativity ~ trusting your heart to lead you. Pay attention to energies and intuitive messages that are whispering to you in your dreams, or during meditation. Utilize this new moon to plant seeds of intention to harvest on the full moon, leading with your heart.
The Crown ~ what risk must you take? 7 of Swords. Prioritize what’s important to you and direct your focus in order to materialize your dreams. Put yourself first! Sometimes that means putting others second or letting people down. This can be risky for those who people please or put their job or others’ needs before their own. You can’t be everything to everyone and if you’re giving your all to others, you aren’t giving anything to yourself.
The Alchemy ~ how will this reward you? The Hierophant. Integration of the shadow world, material realm and spiritual realm. Receiving a message from spirit to achieve your soul’s purpose. Perhaps a teacher will come into your life with lessons that will aid in your growth , or you will become the teacher. A mastery of self so that you may guide others.
Cauldron ~ what energy or message can you work with for support around this process? Princess ~ Page of Wands ~ earth of fire. The ability to find growth and potential in the most unlikely places. Dreaming without limitations ☁️ but planting your creative spark in the material realm.
This moon cycle, utilize this alchemical process ➰〰️➰ put you and your dreams first, leading with your heart and unfettered passion. Allow your fertile creativity to bloom, fostering personal and spiritual growth. Unconditional love ~ your heart center can be a guiding light in these processes if you let it. Authenticity and truth will shine through.

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