Lion moon

It’s midweek from the full moon in Leo , which I never got to cover on here because I was spending sacred time with close friends 🌹🕯🐚🍷 I led a cord cutting ritual in a secluded cabin in Pipes Canyon. We set up an altar, took spirit drops of tincture, dressed candles, wrote our intentions & cut cords with fire. We pulled some cards, discussing what each card meant for us and what we were releasing. We then brought our candles outside , climbing onto rocks to bask under the moon at the moment when it was fully risen.
Coming down from that healing cloud, I’ve pulled some cards as full moon shadow musings for the collective :
Self Preservation is a card of Air , relating to Swords in the tarot. A wish to maintain self-integrity through all types of change. Withdraw into yourself utilizing High Priestess (2) ~ Hermit (9) energy and meditate on ego-less self , maintaining your inner truth. I then pulled the Hierophant ~shadow for it’s clarifier. Being your own teacher ~~~ the wisdom you are seeking comes from within , no longer seeking outside validation. Trusting yourself and tapping into your inner knowledge , even if it goes against tradition or societal norm. Reclaiming personal power 🔥 Self preservation as an act of rebellion , paving your own path by staying true to your values and truth.
Living Goddess relates to the Strength card in the tarot ~ power, inner strength and the ability to overcome any obstacle. Giving you confidence to overcome fear and doubt. I then pulled the Knight of Cups ~ air of water , a messenger of love. The knight rides with closed eyes through a sea of clouds. There is a sense of calmness & peace , a masterful connection to intuition. This is an invitation to explore your passions , and fall in love with love. Strength gives you this extra push , asking you to have no fear of making your dreams your reality. Without action , dreams will remain just that.
Scarlet Woman ~ shadow relates to Empress ~ shadow. This is calling for self love and self care , especially if you have been giving away your energy for others emotional needs & neglecting your own. Get out into nature , take time to notice the little things. Paired with the Five of Swords ~ shadow , you may be experiencing creative blocks or conflict. Creatively , you need to work on things for yourself , keeping creations private as you delve in. And if you are having outside or inner conflict , now is the time to resolve ~ forgive & move foreword. I also see this as a potential future conflict if you don’t take the time you need to care for yourself — and snap or burn out.
These cards are inviting you to step into your power, paving your own path in order to make change. Take time for yourself and practice self care , nourish your imagination by giving it action. Did you hold any rituals during this fiery full moon? Pull any cards? 🔥👁🔥

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