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Lunar bull

Full moon in Taurus spread🐂🌝🍇 Scorpio season has us treading in deep water & this Taurus moon is a sensual earthy shift. Venus invites us to seek pleasure and release our limitations that drag us down. In an earlier post, I wrote of Taurus being the bridge between above & below, daylight ~ Earth and Scorpio’s underworld. This spread delves into the journey from the depths to the surface.
The 8 of Wands ~ reversed is the lesson we’re moving through. This 8 card is dynamic and a high level of energy that propels you forward at a fast pace , but don’t rush into things without a clear plan , or jump from idea to idea. It may give you the propulsion , but don’t blindly leap without a parachute. This card is also encouraging you to go with the flow, stop resisting change. Remove distractions and devote yourself to your task with total concentration & determination.
Judgement ~ reversed challenges us. The Judgement card is the movement of personal consciousness from ego to the heart. As the heart opens, compassion is not only felt for others, but for the Self, allowing old judgements to fall away and releasing anger, hatred & grudges into the past. The shadow side of this card asks us if we’re failing to listen to the universe’s message , failing to go through the necessary transformation. Is your inner critic telling you that you’re not good enough? That you will fail? Do you fear others judgement? You may need to work on self forgiveness, self acceptance & self love . . . Release your past regrets or shame, push past your fears.
The Knight of Pentacles below the surface represents the beauty in the repetitive aspects of life , of commitment to your dreams. And The Hierophant guides you out of the void , drawing in power with the benediction mudra and its three tiered staff of knowledge of shadow world, material realm & spirit. This card explores how you work as a channel for spirit , how you can master your Self so you can guide others out of the void as well. It questions authority and old beliefs. Pulling this card on this Taurean full moon asks you to release limitations you or others put on yourself that drag you down and work toward your soul’s purpose.

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