Lunar eclipse ~ Capricorn moon

🌑 Lunar eclipse 🌕 full moon in Capricorn ~ opposing the Cancer sun 🦀🌞🦀 a spiraling portal integrating the material sea-goat & the emotional crab. These are Tower times , when we must rebuild from the ashes and break through the inner doors of perception to new truths. Cancer , guided by the light of its ruler ~the moon~ brings us into the past to nurture our inner child , while Capricorn activates Devil ~ World energy. The Devil is a liberator , teaching us to question and challenge our thoughts and recurring patterns. It can invite freedom from feelings of fear ((of change)) when you move beyond ego / judgment. The World helps us complete lessons and cycles , opening us up to new beginnings ~~~ synchronistic with eclipses’ powerful cord cutting energy. Capricorn , the sea goat , walks new paths without fear , diving into the deep sea of the unknown and climbing to the peak of the holy mountain with feet planted firmly on the ground.
This eclipse occurs while five planets are in retrograde ~ Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter. There’s a pull to look back and tie up loose ends, cut old cords and release stagnant energy. Let go of what no longer serves you utilizing snake magick , allow glistening scales to take the old skin’s place. ➰Death rebirth birth➰ All cycles that we are constantly passing through , yet eclipses encompass all three as we pass through their portals. This is the last of the liminal thresholds we meet this eclipse season. It falls on a day of “independence” for those who live in the US ~ stolen land where many are not free, not liberated, and certainly not equal. During this transformative eclipse , think of the changes necessary in your life to continue this revolution , to banish white supremacy and the patriarchy from your soul. We must evolve 〰️🌀〰️ we must transform 〰️🌀〰️ we must be the change. Light the Towers up and watch them burn 🔥🔥🔥

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