Lunar message . . .

Messages from the Moon πŸšπŸŒ•β™“οΈŽπŸŒΎπŸπŸ‡ My roots (below) are represented by the Moon , listening & trusting my intuition and dreams , working through fears and anxieties γ€° performing rituals during moon cycles. My dreams (above) are represented by King of Pentacles ~ fire of earth ~ spiritual fire. An experienced guide, strong businessperson, magnificent healer. Strong sense of purpose, direction and long range vision. Success in both spiritual and material wealth. Influencing me from the past is the Ace of Swords ~ fertilization. New ways of thinking , new projects , original ideas & visions. My future self is the 6 of Wands. Becoming a leader, having self confidence, personal power & success. Receiving recognition for my accomplishments.
My current environment is the 9 of Pentacles ~ solitary creative work, financial independence. Enjoying the ripe fruits of my labor. A challenge in my path is the Page of Cups ~ earth of water. Will I take this new idea and turn it into something, or let someone else bring it into fruition? Having inner doubts or a creative block , being too dreamy and not grounded in reality.
Creativity as it's manifesting in my life is the Queen of Swords ~ water of air. Receptive, mature, objective, strong sight ~ vision. Not letting emotions or other people sway me. Love as it's manifesting in my life is the Knight of Pentacles ~ air of earth. Romantic stability, nurturing, tranquility, trustworthy, routine, patient πŸ’– Sex as it's manifesting in my life is 10 of Pentacles. Emotionally safe, content, having a full spectrum of sexual pleasures.
My pursuit of wisdom & knowledge is taking the path of the Ace of Cups. Overflowing creativity and intuition , trusting that the knowledge is within me. Relation to my community is 7 of Swords. Putting myself first to get what I want , making sure I play fair while acting strategically. The 2 of Swords represents what is transforming inside me ~ finding balance, peace and calming the mind. Introspection ~ focusing on what I truly want, not what others want for me. And my message from the Moon is the 2 of Cups. Make connections with tender openness , long term, mutually beneficial & deeply fulfilling πŸ’˜

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