Mabon divination

Mabon spread 🌓 I am symbolized by the Lovers , the play of polar opposites ♊️ the balance of light & dark, yin & yang ⚖️ physical appetites versus spiritual virtues of the soul. Being met with a decision, choice, crossroads 〰 getting clear on personal beliefs and values , making a choice about who you want to be in life.
The Knight of Pentacles shows me a lesson to learn from the dark 🌚 Greater self discipline and commitment , establishing a routine until you've completed your task before dreaming of new ideas. A journey of self development / improvement. A reminder to pay attention to practical matters in your life.
Justice shows me a lesson to learn from the light 🌞 Being more kind and forgiving to yourself (and others) , mistakes happen! Don't blame others for things under your control , and don't be dishonest with yourself. Be aware of your inner critic and don't allow it to hinder you.
The crossroads I'm currently at are represented by the Five of Wands , encouraging an enthusiastic approach to change, even when it's hard. A transition / transformation is coming whether I like it or not.
The root of my wisdom is represented by Four of Cups , using discernment 🔎 to decide what is truly important. Not being afraid to decline new projects that don't align with your future path , finding deeper meaning in your life , turning your attention and energy inward.
The Four of Wands represents a message from the ancients / spirit. A shake in stability may bring about imbalance and uncertainty, but it's an important transition! You're finding greater balance within yourself , self love & acceptance and you know who you are.
Lastly, the Six of Pentacles represents an intention for personal growth. Enough energy and resources to share , united prosperity , flowing generosity , a balanced scale , giving & receiving money, time, energy, love, support, wisdom. Helping others and letting others help you 💒

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