Mercury direct

Mercury stationed direct yesterday. I hope things are coming back into focus for you! I pulled some cards to align with this energy.
The 8 of Cups goes down to touch deep emotions , gathering yourself together in order to move on & pursue goals ~ as 8 is an active number. Mars is now in its own house (Scorpio) of inner intensity. So this card fits in with the planetary shifts. These feelings of deep introspection are coming back into focus. You’re embarking on a new chapter in your life and it can feel heavy & almost sad to leave behind old patterns and ways of thinking. But it is necessary to move forward. What do you have to reconsider that Mercury Rx brought up? What is deep, dark, hidden in the void that you need to tap into? These feelings & emotions that have been stirred will become more clear.
The 6 of Wands is an opportunity in reach. Personal achievements, power, progress . . . with the love & support of others. This is positive encouragement to put yourself out there , be open to receive love.
The Empress brings strong connection to the feminine ~ sensuality, fertility, creative expression, creation of beauty. This card signifies abundance , the birth of a new idea or project. The Empress offers you regenerative Earth energy 🌱
Page of Cups ~ earth of water ~ is bringing a message to you from the dream realm. How should you take advantage of this new clarity now that Mercury is direct? Have an open mind , be open to intuitive messages and visions. You are being called to trust your intuition. There are creative opportunities afoot. Express your feelings, develop your psychic abilities and offer your services, feelings, compassion to others.
Tying these messages together , comes the Channeling oracle card. This is about using your human body to receive communication from spirit, animals, or non physical entities. To channel is to translate 〰️ take these intuitive messages or ideas and translate them into something in the physical realm.

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