Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury transits Sagittarius ~ winged messenger Mercury entered the archer archetype of Sagittarius , where it will reside until December 28. This will alter the way you communicate this month as Mercury rules how you perceive & receive the world around you. Keep it light and open ended in discussions regarding philosophy, religion and justice ~ these Jupiter ruled themes will be prevalent. Mercury in Sagittarius is larger than life , questioning the meaning of life , walking on the wild side. Think before you speak! Be wary of oversharing. Houses in your chart ruled by Mercury, or where Mercury is placed in your chart, may be more lively and extreme.
In more positive aspects , this pairing will have you exploring ideas, playing around with notions you may not have taken into consideration before. Mental tensions and stress will be alleviated with the archer’s arrow pointed to the sky , bringing you an optimistic point of view and activating the right side of your brain ☁️

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