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Mercury retrograde elemental collective readings

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 🦂 elemental collective readings ~~~ read for both your Sun & Mercury signs if you desire. Art on first slide is by @paula.duro and decks are the Herbal Tarot & the Cosmic Deck of Initiation.
FIRE ~ Two of Wands and Evolution. Two of Wands is represented by basil , revealing the passionate fire energy within you. Inner visions become clear. You’re open to new paths and evolution ~ growth , but you’re not making any moves yet. Which is beneficial to you during this retrograde period. Make a plan, look within to your intuition and inner wisdom before proceeding. Though movement may not be seen, it is felt. Structures and molds will be broken. There are some choices on the line that you will have to make a decision about in due time. Follow your inner guidance. For this retrograde, utilize basil for protection from outside influences by growing some in your home, wearing basil essential oil or using fresh or dried basil in your cooking. Holy basil can be used to ease anxious energies and clear your thoughts, encouraging focus.
WATER ~ Five of Pentacles and Scorpio. Five of Pentacles is represented by mugwort , a psychic lunar herb , a stirrer of visions and an opener of portals. You may feel a loss of security, safety or of physical money during this retrograde. Don’t further isolate yourself, swallow your pride and ask others for help if you’re struggling. If you are living within a lack mindset, you need to shift your energy and stop focusing on the glass half empty. Fears of inadequacy or loss may appear as well. Let these feelings go, they are not serving you. Look at these present situations from a different view, become the rising phoenix emerging from the ashes. There are many lessons to be had when things don’t work out like how you want. Also know that though you may be feeling “without” in the physical realm , see the richness in your inner values, wisdom and intuition. This retrograde, use mugwort to bring magickal imagery & symbols to your dream realm. Use it to heighten your extrasensory perception while dropping deep into your center , grounding you. Connect to your psychic and intuitive abilities to let go of the old , of worry & concern , and past restrictions.
AIR ~ The World shadow and Universal Compassion. The World is represented by comfrey , the herb of knitting together our realities and seeing the full picture. An ally for regeneration and healing that mends parts of us that are broken , helping us to grow new roots. The shadow of The World can be experienced when you are having a hard time completing a project or achieving closure. It’s a period of trials, learning and growth. Through letting go of self and having true empathy for others without judgment, you will achieve healing. Connecting to worlds unseen or through others’ eyes and joyfully participating in life can help you break through the creative blocks and mental ruts you’re experiencing. This retrograde, utilize comfrey in an energetic essence or in a soothing body oil to stimulate tissue regeneration. Like a snake shedding , comfrey clears old, dry, flaky skin and brings new life to your outer layers.
EARTH ~ Queen of Cups and Law of Transmutation. Queen of Cups is represented by lady’s mantle , symbolizing the power of control and helping to overcome excessive dependency on others. This Queen is nurturing and compassionate, clear in her needs and what she can offer to others. Emotionally secure and in flow with surrounding energies. Rising above frustrations to see the lesson within, finding strength in these situations and turning it into an advantage. Through this energy, you can transform yourself. Allow your creative side to come through this retrograde, follow your intuition when it comes to various projects and within your interpersonal relationships. Lead with your heart and allow yourself to feel your emotions fully. Embrace that mercurial Scorpio energy! Utilize lady’s mantle with spirit drops (1-4 drops of tincture) or an energetic essence to fuel self-acceptance and courage within relationships. If you menstruate, use with your moonthly cycle to regulate bleeding and digestive ailments.

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