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Mercury retrograde & the tarot . . .

Mercury retrograde and the tarot 〰️ Mercury is in retrograde in Scorpio , which began on Halloween. This is a time of depth & exploration of the void. Mercury rules the Magician , manifestation in physical form. The connection between the spiritual realms and the material world , the alchemist has all the tools to build a soul. “You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold.” Mercury retrograde is a time to connect to Magician energy and ask yourself , what am I creating? Why am I creating it? What’s missing or blocked?
With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio , associated with the Death card , it’s focused on shedding skin 🐍 releasing what no longer serves you. This will be a time of transformation ~ if you let it. The old ways must decay & die so the new can grow through them , like the regeneration of earth. Scorpio represents the first ego death in the wheel of astrology , the 8th house. The death of our ego , of our bodies , terrifies us as humans. We fear the unknown & inevitable change is scary because we can’t see the outcome. What do you need to get rid of so your inner Magician can cast its spells? What is stopping you from letting go?
And lastly, one of the ruling planets of Scorpio is Mars. Who is associated with The Tower card 💥 which has a lot of the same energy as Death. You must burn down the structures in your life that no longer serve you in order to build new ones. And if you don’t start the fire , you’ll be thrust from the burning building 🔥

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