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Mercury Rx in Cancer ~ Cancer sun rising

Mercury Rx is in Cancer 🌊⚔️ and today begins Cancer season ~ summer solstice new moon eclipse magick afoot 🌑✨🕳✨🌑 eclipses are portals ~ a way to look within. Alchemize. Lots of inner work to be done to abolish the cop in your head. To abolish white supremacy from our collective Self. Eclipses bring transformation and great change. Allow yourself to be fluid in your responses to what is being pulled to the surface.
This powerful portal is in deep, watery Cancer , ruled by the moon. The crab is right at home , healing and nurturing. Lots of insight and deep introspection! Ethereal mother , divine femme ~ this sign has a lot to do with our inner child — childhood traumas & experiences , the act of reparenting ourselves. Embrace the emotions that you’re feeling , allow them to exist ~ address your inner child with support and kindness. Nurture your nervous system , pay attention to your energy. Allow it to recuperate your spirit and prepare us to continue this revolution. Eclipses are not really a time of manifestation , but of exploring your shadow side, releasing past traumas & stagnant energy. Letting go of what no longer serves you 🐍 A lot people are afraid of change, they fear the unknown. We as humans cling to things that bring us comfort even if it’s had its purpose and is now useless.. it can be really hard to let things go.
Snakes have been big medicine to me since living in the desert, continually shedding what no longer serves me & working within the cycle of life and death 🌀 rebirth ~ like the ouroboros. Allowing things to grow from the ashes like a phoenix. A new society can grow from the white supremacy patriarchy once we burn it down.. ((Tower magick)) People just need to let go of their comfort, complacency and ignorance they’re clinging to.
I pulled some cards with The Moon , The Sun and The Tower in a triangle. The Moon and Sun in opposition and Tower above , representing the collective energy. What is being eclipsed? Queen of Swords ~ water of air , enthroned amidst clouds. 

Subconscious belief to be reprogrammed ~ Wheel of Fortune. Synchronistic cars for Solstice as the wheel of the year turns once more. In conjunction with the Tower, we’re looking at karmic energy ~ reasoning coming into play for why this Tower (capitalist, yt and patriarchal society) is burning to the ground. We must reprogram ((destroy)) this society and the false and immoral beliefs that reside within it. The wheel will turn for them no longer.
Where will this process lead us? I pulled the Knight of Pentacles ~ Air of earth but asked Spirit for more guidance. 8 of Wands shadow & 2 of Pentacles fell out while I shuffled. The Knight represents focus, determination, consistency and having a plan. Doing daily work towards a goal. The 8 of Wands shadow warns us of burnout if we charge ahead with no plans or resist change. We must align our resources ~ join organizations that are already happening instead of spearheading your own. Listen and amplify Black voices before taking over the conversation. Keep your emotional and mental health in check so we can continue this long term. The 2 of Pentacles represents balance, adaptability and multi tasking. This anti-racist work should be interwoven into your daily practices and routines. It’s not overnight work and we shouldn’t treat it as such. Subconsciously ((and actively)) reprogramming the collective psyche is long term work and we must take care of ourselves and each other to keep momentum going.

This photo of @pen_tagram is available to purchase as a poster with all proceeds donated to @rebuildtheblocks ~ link in her bio! Black witches to the front!

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