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Midweek check-in 12/7--12/13

Hi all! Happy eclipse season , how are we all feeling? Apologies for being quiet on here , I just moved into a new high desert home and adopted a puppy all during the first eclipse portal of the season 🌕🔮 I’ve been feelin it. And slacking on posting on here — even though I’ve been stocking the website & desert shoppe in the physical realm with new offerings! I pulled cards for the collective’s current energies as we’re enveloped by eclipse portals and potent astrological weather. The full moon eclipse has passed but the energy still remains . . . 🧿🧿🧿 and the solar eclipse is approaching. What’s coming up for you? Let’s dive in ..:🌊:..
FIRE ~ Two of Wands & A-Musement. Two of Wands is fire in its highest form. Energy initiating a current of force. You’re recognizing your full potential ~ power , full of passion. Release worry and anxiety , and understand that beginnings are often tied to the ending of something else. Eclipse season will show you where to start again , and what to shed in order to move forward. This card is paired with A-Musement , an oracle of pleasure & fulfillment. An integration of spirit and sensual earthy delights. This is a call to let go of rigidity , let intuition and passion guide you. Allow things to flow within this portal. You are both creator and destroyer.
WATER ~ Seven of Swords & Slay the Ego. Seven of Swords is a card of strategy , of betrayal, or keeping secrets. Make sure you’re playing fair when achieving your goals , and not being deceptive or false in your narrative of who you are. False structures will always fall. With the combination of this card and the Slay the Ego oracle , there is a sense of freeing yourself from your own deception. Slay the Ego is 12 , The Hanged One. An arcana of journey from the norm through discipline and compromise. You must free yourself from the concept of self sacrifice & self pity , by having faith and conviction in your own path and gaining confidence through releasing limitations you place on yourself. Dissolve the veil which separates your self and your progress. Break habits and thoughts that impede you. Surrender yourself to truth and it will lead to transformation.
AIR ~ The Fool shadow & Mercury. The Fool’s shadow indicates that you are stopping yourself from letting an idea or creation out in the world because you don’t believe you’re ready or you have all the tools to succeed. Paired with Mercury oracle , the Magician tells you that all the tools you need are within you. How can you transmute without releasing fear? You’ll never move forward within personal transformation if you allow your fear to freeze you into a standstill. Take the next step forward. How will you know if you’ll regret or enjoy the journey if you never move?
EARTH ~ Knight of Wands shadow & White Lady: Mother of Pearl. Knight of Wands shadow is a time when you’re passionate and the fire is lit within you , yet you’re not allowing it to flow or be released into the world. Sometimes this is just a natural part of creation as you’re tweaking its last bits before birth , but sometimes this comes as you’re in a creative dry spell or when obstacle after obstacle keeps coming your way. With the Mother of Pearl oracle , I’m sensing there’s more to it than just your perfectionism. Is someone standing in your way? Are you looking to others more than you’re looking inwards to yourself? The Mother of Pearl lures those seeking with shimmering gifts. But once the bait is accepted , her power grows with the loss of your own. She takes your destiny out of your own hands. Perhaps this is a time to examine relationships in your life that drain you, or take credit for your creations / ideas / what have you. And take your power back! Then you may find your expressions of creativity will blossom yet again.

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