Moon in Scorpio on Lupercalia

🌹 Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹 Blessed Lupercalia 🐺🌙🔥 today is Friday , Venus day , and the moon has entered Scorpio. How fitting for this time of love, charged sexual energy and passion. The moon in Scorpio asks us to shed ego , to become our most vulnerable selves. To allow intimacy into our deepest voids 🕳 Scorpio holds the light up to our shadow selves , the parts of ourselves that we hide away, are afraid of or embarrassed by. The parts we don’t think can be loved. Scorpio teaches us to hold space to those far reaches of the soul ~ the shame, the trauma, the projections. And to do the same for others. The more you try to control or possess outside forces , the more power you give away. Learn to trust, to be intimate and to truly see others as they are 👁🖤 not how you desire them to be. 

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