Neptunian dark moon

New Moon in Pisces ☁️🌑💧🌑☁️ this Neptunian dark moon brings us d e e p down into our subconscious , awakening intuition and imagination. A threshold 🌑 a portal. Pisces embodies crone energy and wisdom , initiating death ~ rebirth as we begin to welcome spring. This moon will show you new paths, while burning old bridges. Listen closely to your intuition and allow it to guide you. This is the time to plant seeds in preparation for the full moon in Virgo on 3/9 , the same day Mercury stations direct. 

Reach into the void and collect your dreams ☁️🦋☁️ bring them into the material realm , bring them to life. This moon opens the door ~ portal 🕳🚪🕳 to the dreamscapes of your inner mind , allowing you to tap into your psychic & cosmic power. Dreaming releases control, showing you what you truly desire and what you need to let go of. Should you bring that message to your everyday life, you’ll begin to live your dreams ~ goals , releasing fear of the unknown and fear of failure. You will stop holding yourself back 〰️〰️〰️ think of it like the ocean , when you go against the waves & don’t heed to their swells, they crash into you, knocking you down and pushing you underwater 🌊 yet when you float with the waves, allowing them to carry you to shore & moving with them as you swim out to sea, it’s serene 💧 If you ignore your intuition and messages from the dream realm ~ subconscious , you will continue to make the same mistakes and never move forward. But if you pay attention to that gut feeling, keep a dream journal, really listen to your Self when boundaries are crossed or when you pass judgment , you will grow. You will shed what isn’t serving you 🐍 and walk down new paths. Of course this isn’t an overnight evolution , but everyday steps can get you in the direction you want to go. 

This new moon , honor water’s fluid and nurturing energy. Take a ritual bath ~ spend time near or in water, create art, write down what you want to manifest & meditate on it. Use mugwort to lucid dream and create vivid worlds for you to walk through as you sleep. Then when you awaken, write down anything you can remember 💫

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