New Moon in Aquarius

〰️🌑 with this dark moon, we leave the portal of eclipse season. After all the transformation & shaking up that has occurred , things will begin to settle down and feel more stable. New moons are a time of release , making room to plant the seeds of intention. This is the time to take your power back and walk outside of the status quo to new possibilities. Release what is limiting, restrictive, repressive or controlling. Regardless of how others perceive you, begin to walk down your own path to your own truths. This moon has powerful manifestation power , use it to your advantage! Dream, baby, dream ☁️ allow fresh insights to flow through you.
With Aquarius ~ Air energy, we are not driven to emotional reactions and can see things as they are. Allow the water bearer’s vase to cleanse you of illusions. As the wave washes over you , it will calm the intensity of the last few weeks.
Aquarius boldly walks into the future while Uranus shifts our perspective , teaching us that if discomfort arises with the change , we need to accept those feelings and trust the process. Be open minded this new moon , slow down and hold space for yourself.

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